Just un Clou pics

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  1. Before.
  2. I have my loves exactly the same way u have urs and I was in Aruba and tried on the clou... Omg Iove it even more after looking at ur stack.... Love love love... Ok I now have a list
    1. New Rolex
    2. Van cleef earrings onyx Alhambra
    3 van cleef necklace onyx Alhambra
    4 and finaaallllyyyy the nail.... But maybe I'll get the nail after Rolex bc I won't be able to wait in anticipation so long
  3. How much did it cost totally after vat?
  4. rose gold clou, yellow gold bracelet and white gold cuff.

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  5. Ahhh - the perfect trinity!

  6. +1! It is the perfect combo!!
  7. Just gorgeous mousdioufe. Rose, yellow, white and a diamond..... to die for!
  8. did you try it on? :graucho:

    were the sparkles blinding?

  9. I didin't. There were lots of people there, I don't think they would have taken kindly to me playing dress up for my own enjoyment, lol!
  10. this is true.... :shrugs: at least you got to see it!
  11. It's major! I don't think I could ever pull it off even if I could afford it. But it would sure be fun to see!
  12. :graucho:

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  13. OMG - your stack is AMAZING! Love it!
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