Just turned down Violet Day, City. Someone console me.

  1. Hello all,

    I just turned down the opportunity to purchase a Violet RH City and/or a Violet RH Day. Please tell me it was the right decision! I just bought my first Bbag (a Black City) on Sept. 1st, so I cannot justify the purchase of another right now (I'm a student).
  2. Just focus on the beautiful Black City you have and a Violet bag can always be bought second hand later. I hope that makes you feel better!!
  3. Thank you, Elliemay!
  4. I know how that feels! A bit of panic? and a bit of regret? And a moment of unclarity?! But you sure did the right thing! Right now as a student I'm sure you need the money more and Bbags will always be there...esp. more violets as tons have been sold and many more will be resold on eBay in the coming months and years.

    Enjoy your black city for now! My black city is my all time favorite bbag! :tup:
  5. I'm proud of your self restraint!! It's never good to buy something and feel guilty about it.
  6. Enjoy your black city, i'm totally sure that when will be the right moment you'll find your violet somewhere!
  7. wow, i applaud your wise decision!! i wish i had 1% of your self control. beyond that, you made a very smart choice - i have a bunch of b-bags, but the one i use day after day after day, etc. is my black city :yes:
  8. ITA! :tup: I don't have a bunch of Bbags, just 3, and even though I'm :banned: until Nov. I feel fine with the 3 that I have right now and might not even purchase anymore until January. But then again, I'm talking in the present and who knows how I'll feel once the BAN is over........ :p

  9. Thank you, everyone! I do feel better. I sure would love to have a violet bag, but then I would have to decide which one to carry each day. I'd end up wishing I could carry both, so maybe it's better that I only have one. Now if I could just get my hands on a violet coin purse or wallet!
  10. It's so hard to pass up on beautiful bags. I have the chance at a violet SGH Hobo and I can't decide whether I should take the plunge. I love the hobo, but know I wonder whether I would use the bag very much.
  11. WOW! I don't think I would've been able to do what you just did. I admire your constraints and you did the right thing. Enjoy your black city.
  12. Help is at hand at tPF!!! We all know I'm a fan of colourful Bbags...But hey, it was violet people!!!
    Sorry (that's no help to you)...Don't worry, if you regret your decision in the next few weeks, you could sell the black and wait for another Violet to come along.
    You're like all of us, we too have to sell a Bbag to get another...That's why we love Balenciaga because they retail their value if you look after them...
    Ok, maybe a little word of advice...Take care of your black Bbag for the next few weeks until you have made your decision :graucho: (hint, hint)
  13. HONESTLY, I think you have the most classic classy color. I own a Black first that I adore but just like most of us Balenciaga nutz ... we want more and more. Don't worry about letting that go, look at it this way some thing even better/prettier could come your way later.
  14. :noggin:ARE YOU NUTS? Just kiddin'. There will be other opportunities to pick those up -don't worry! Better to buy when it won't strap you. You'll won't feel guilty then!
  15. you definitely made the right choice! no sense in struggling later. just purchase the next bbag when you can afford it and truly appreciate it without all the guilt. i feel ya! i'm a student too! all the eye-candy out there is hard! :smile::heart: