Just trying to make sure......

  1. I keep on getting different answers from different people.........so what do you all know about this??

    Does the GST come in beige with silver hardware???

    I have been getting mostly "no's" but the flap in beige once came in silver, so you never know!
  2. When I bought mine, I was told by the SA in NY that it only came in gold hardware. I don't know if that is a fact though.
  3. Try the 800 Chanel number.
  4. Maybe it was a seasonal thing. For example, PST came in white with silver hardware for the cruise line a year or so ago. It is not part of the permanent line however that is not to say it will never be released again. Your best bet is to call the 800#.
  5. Yeah I'd call the 800#. There have been a lot of different combinations that I didn't even know existed so you might find the answer you're looking for by calling them.
  6. good luck!