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  1. I'm looking to buy a wallet and spotted a beautiful lv wallet.

    After look at the pics, I figured its not authentic. Theres 1 thing that totally gives it away.

    I doubted myself and still gave it a try to ask the seller where it was purchased...they messaged me back saying that to their knowledge it authentic bc they got it from friend who she doesn't think shops at unrealiable prices (?)

    They also mentioned that if i knew it was not real, to let them know. .....which I did. I messaged back and told them it's a fake and even referred them to this forum if they needed help authenticating anything.

    Well, my intentions weren't to be rude. They asked if I knew, to let them know, which I did.

    And then I got another response.. a long one saying this:

    [​IMG] [FONT=Arial, Verdana]Why you do feel it is not authentic? Rather than accuse me of it, and refer to another site, why dont YOU tell me why it's not? I've had many an inquriy on it, and lot's of people have authenticated it. There is a used one up right now, that interested people have said is not. They have sited things that make mine authentic and the other not. I'm not being sassy, but don't like being accused of selling non-authentic items. I trust my friend. Her husband travels all over the USA for business and brings home nice items, that they give as gifts. I seriously doubt it's authenticity, but if YOU give me an example, I will certainly take it into consideration. If you don't care to give me an example and state why you are making this accusation then kindly keep your opinions to yourself. Don't threaten eBay policy with me unless you are willing to explain your accusations.

    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]Yikes. So what do you think?
    I didn't "threaten" them about eBay's policy. I simply just mentioned that its against eBay policy and to my understanding I was just trying to inform the seller since they don't know the difference between a real and a fake.
    Am i wrong?

  2. bump! would love some feedback! i feel horrible for trying to help a clueless seller out!!!
  3. I would just report it if you are sure and stop any further communication with this seller.
  4. ^ thank u.

    yeah i haven't responded to it.

    i dont know how to report.
  5. wow nevermind about what i said in the last post--i see a whole thread on how to report fakes! lol
  6. You might want to post this on the LV site..they will most likely help you report if it is not real.

    Just curous..what makes it not real?
  7. Hi -- I'm the ebay seller in question. It took me a bit to get on here. First, this person is NOT telling the whole story, so I signed up just to tell my side! This is NUTS!!! really! She contact me as an interested buyer and wanted me to say it was authentic. I won't do this, as I'm not absolutely sure, as this was given to me by a dear friend, and they definitely do not buy junk. I'm over 50 years old this is a college student...maybe with time, she'll understand. Second, I'm fully aware of how many fakes are out there in the fashion world, so while I trust my friend's shopping ability to the fullest the best of folks can get fooled. I did not say this was authentic nor does my auction. I have up 6 photo's of this wallet with all angles covered, and markings. I WELCOME questions. I have had 3 buyers want me to change my selling forum to a buy-it-now and have offered FAR more than my opening bid but becaue I AM an honest ebay seller, and out of my league here, I am leaving as is, a bidding format, I turned down the offers. I have asked this person in 2 emails to tell me why she thinks this wallet is less than authentic...SHE HAS NOT TOLD ME ANYTHING...just to check this site, which I did, trying to find out for sure, and all I found was this slanderous and damning post. I will be notifying ebay now on her, as this is a strict violation of ebay policy to try and deter sales in any forum. She's tied in with one person that may not know alot about Louis Vuitton, but I do know ebay...and unfortunately, she does not. I've done nothing wrong here. If it's fake...don't bid on it. Those that want one will know the difference just like I know the difference in antique glassware which is what I usually sell on ebay. Thanks for listening to my side.
  8. I'm going to edit your post slightly so it's not offensive, we don't allow people to call other's names here.

    But I did want to comment, it's IS illegal and completely against eBay's policies for you to sell something you do not know 100% is authentic.
    Furthermore, if you sell it and it is not authentic, it become MAIL FRAUD when you mail it which is a Federal Offense.
    This isn't all that silly.

    I can understand your frutration, but if people here who are excellent at authenticating tell you it's not real, I'd pull the auction if I were you. You can be suspended if eBay deems it counterfeit.
  9. Hi -- I'm well aware of ebay policy. It's illegal to KNOWINGLY sell frauds, knockoff's, etc. I make it VERY clear in my auction page that I know nothing about this, and please ask questions, view photo's etc. I've been a successful ebay buyer and seller for years. It's people like this gal that drive us nuts. By the way, I've had 3 people authenticate it...they wanted to buy it right now for alot more money than I have on an opening bid. That is against ebay policy to remove an auction and then sell buy-it-now, I won't do that. This gal is the ONLY person to question it's authenticity, and she won't tell me why....isn't it right to tell me why she's doubting it, not just accuse?
  10. I don't know. . . everyone handles things differently.

    She's not online right now, but maybe you guys can talk this out.
    If it goes too far south, we'll close this and we can remove the link to your auction if need be.

    Any of our LV experts? Please chime in:yes:
  11. What do you mean she has a link to my auction? THAT is a direct violation of ebay policy, and I do think it's time I call ebay direct. It's a direct violation to try and sabatoge anybody's auctions. I don't want to be part of this forum...I don't even care that much about handbags, etc....I came to this site to try and find out information, to see IF the wallet is non-authentic and if so, I would gladly post as such. Now, I'm sucked into this crazy rollercoaster...I fell like I've been attacked by somebody I don't even know! I think it's just time to let ebay know about all of this.
  12. Hello,

    First of all...I was a potential buyer that was interested in your wallet. But after I checked out the pics, I had slight doubt of its authenticity. I decided to message you to ask you to see what you had to say about it but you gave me a story about how its your friends and etc etc etc.

    I apologize if you feel you have been 'attacked'.

    But my intentions were as a potential buyer that was intersted in your wallet, but after this, since you are as clueless about it....

    I think you're overreacting over my simple question.

    As one mentioned above, it is not right to sell something if you're not sure if it's 100% authentic.

    Mod(s), feel free to close this post if you'd like.

    Also, you asked what makes it fake...well, authentic LV doesn't come with cards like that.

    You replied to my message the first time asking me if I knew if it was real or not and to let you know...WHICH I DID and then offered you to come to this site for future references since you don't know about this type of stuff.

    That is all..
  13. ummm....not trying to but in, but you stated you know you can't "knowingly" sell fake items, but in another statement you say you will "post as such" if it is fake. Well if it is fake, and you continue to sell it, you will be breaking the law.
  14. understand what?
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