Just tried the Shining Monkey!!!!!!!

  1. Hi all,

    I just sprayed the Shining Monkey spray on my Hudson PM strap. I wanted to do the strap because it is such a wide strap and a lot of vachetta so if that got water stains on it, it would look aweful. So, I sprayed it and I can't believe it--- IT DOESN'T LOOK ANY DIFFERENT!!! :yahoo: I mean I could take a pic but there's nothing to see, it still looks like naked vachetta!!!! I sprayed it outside and did it very lightly and it evaporated and dried almost instantly!!! Then I did it again, a little more and same thing!!!! I have good luck so I was afraid to do any more to it. Just wanted to let you all know my experience with it!!!
  2. That's good to hear !

    I gotta get my hands on some of this stuff ! :biggrin:
  3. Yay, glad to hear that everything is fine :smile:

  4. I ordered it online at *************.com. It was like 20 bucks and shipped it fast!!!! They were awesome customer service too!! Big can for that price too!!:yes:
  5. I just got mine as well, I tried it out first on a kooba bag and it dried instantly! Next I did my guccis, moving on to the louis now :smile:
  6. Crazy. Maybe I won't be afraid to buy monogram stuff now if the patina won't darken so quickly. :smile:
  7. That's good to hear ... I bought two cans a couple of months but I've been too scared to try on my LV. It worked well on my mom's D&B tote and on one of my Gucci bags.
  8. that's why i love Shining Monkey. it's dries off so fast :biggrin:. i'll never use Apple Garde again :mad:
  9. So, can you spray this stuff on the entire bag or just the leather portions? and can you spray this on fabric bags like gucci's?
  10. I'm Canadian though !! :cry: I'm so deprived !
  11. doesn't shining monkey ship to canada?
  12. ^^^ Oh my god.. I just checked, it may be !! AHHH !! I'm so excited ! :biggrin:

    edit - okay, I'm not too happy about the cash grab. It's 30$ CAD versus 16$ USD. According to XE.com, 16$ USD is about 17.85. I understand that companies can't stay exactly current to market rates, but that's a MASSIVE difference. Jerks ! :shocked:
  13. what's the link? do they ship to europe as well?
  14. go to shining monkeys webpage