Just tried the Sac en V - matte rouge H croc

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  1. YUMMY!

    Was in my store today for an EXTENDED period (well, it IS Christmas soon!)...got some goodies.....(no bags....yet..:graucho: )....but I tried on a Sac en V, 26cm, matte rouge H Porosus Croc.........SERIOUSLY SUMPTUOUS...:drool: :drool: :drool: . I also tried a matte rouge H croc JPG Kelly, vert anis croc JPG Kelly, ebene Massai Clemence PM :whistle: , Picotin rose shocking/vert anis chevre combo, potiron Birkin 35 and a black boxcalf P-B.

    FUN DAY!:yes:

    BTW - did you know Taurellion Clemence is so-called because the day that the leather guy 'discovered' this leather was his daughter, Clemence's birthday.

  2. Hmmm, and you din buy anything ???? :graucho:

    SPILL IT :supacool:
  3. What a great day at Hermes GF! I would have loved to have seen that matte Rouge croc JPG Kelly. Alright, what goodies did you come home with? ;)
  4. shhhh - under the tree until Christmas Morning...then I'm away for a week...so you & I will have to wait....ARGH!
  5. ^^ GF.. What a lovely day!! How did u like the Massai?? I've been thinking of buying one lately.. everytime i go to the store i look at it but i never tried it!!
  6. WHOA!!!! Wait just a minute little Missy..........WHAT is under the tree???????
  7. The Massai, isn't it?! See her sneaky emoticon :whistle: next to the Clemence Massai
  8. ^^ lol i thought she didn't like the Massai.. i could be wrong... but i seriously need to try this bag!!!
  9. OMG - so much croc!! GF, you tried on two of my dream bags - the rouge H matte croco sac en v and the vert anis croco JPG Kelly!! :drool: I am drooling into my morning coffee!!! You can't keep a secret that long, can you? We want to know what you bought!! :nuts:
  10. I am glad you liked the sac en v... as i just bought one in 28 rouge garange... i fell for it even though i didnt want to !!!It has a mobile phone bit which i just love... also got a croc fushia strap for my cape cod....!;)
  11. ^^^Woohoo!!!
  12. Birkin girl, please let us know how you like the size of the 26 Sac en V.....I asked my SA to get one for me, but when I found out the considerable size difference between the 26cm and the next larger one, I cancelled thinking the 26 too small.

    What do you think of it, size wise? It sounds so lovely.
  13. I am 5'9 and not the smallest in the world ( but working on it) and when my sa rang yesterday and told me the size i thought oh no too small but went in today and to be honest i think the larger size would be tooo boxy.. i put my bearn , large agenda and a trish mcevoy planner and there was still room... i would not be a suit kinda girl and its not too dressy... had planned to post pics of all my new bits last night and brother came over but we cant find my us port or something so he will bring his round this week...:yes:
  14. Sounds like you had one heck of a day trying on all those fabulous bags! Sooooooooooo ..... what's under the tree?:graucho:
  15. Potiron Birkin 35!!
    Vert Anis croc JPG!!!! (my choice!!)

    Um, er...Ebene Massai....?