Just tried Larabar!!!

  1. I just had the Banana Cookie one. It's says "Raw Natural food for Health, For Life, For Fun". It is unprocessed, uncooked, no added sugar, non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy and soy free, vegan and kosher! Can you say wow? :biguns:
    I actually like the idea of having a bar that is natural as most bars are processed to death. The ingredients of the bar read "Almonds, dates, unsweetened bananas" ONLY! Isn't that fab?
    Taste-wise, they are different from the standard bars but they are good. I can see myself getting addicted! :P
    Has anyone had these? What do you think?
  2. never heard of it.Does it have alot of calories ? If it doesn't I'd probably buy it, so i can eat it as a healthy alternative to the usual ice cream that I eat.:lol:
  3. The Banana Cookie bar has 210 calories per bar, 90 fat calories and 0 saturated fat calories. Also 5g of fiber (19% of daily value) and 6 g of protein (11% of daily value). No cholesterol and no sodium.
    Check out https://www.larabar.com/secure/index_.html if you're interested.
  4. I really like Lara bars. There is another brand that's similar I found at a smoothie place that I also love. I'll try to find the packet to remember the name ...
  5. I have a friend who RAVES about Larabar's. I usually eat the Zone bars.
  6. Larabars are so good...but they're not low in fat...(10 g) per bar...sooooo gooooood though