Just tried Incoco...not blown away


Mar 17, 2008
After reading all the rave reviews here about the Incoco dry nail applique, I got some today at Walgreen's. I've been looking forward to trying it, but after applying, I'm not blown away.

First off (and I realize this is probably more due to my Walgreen's than Incoco), there were very few color choices. Incoco's site shows lots of colors, but my store had only Passion, Flirt, Red Velvet, Rose Tea, and Sinderalla. I have medium/olive skin, and I gravitate toward colors that are orange-y, but all of these are rosy. Oh well. So I got Passion (a blue-badsed red). I also got a French kit, but haven't tried it yet.

When I opened the package, I discovered that instead of the promised 20 color strips, I have only 10. Frustrating. I live 30 minutes from town, so a return or exchange is not really worth it. So I apply it anyway.

While the application is easy enough, the polish strips tend to wrinkle and buckle, especially across the top during the filing. On a couple of nails, I have little "chips" at the tip where the strip didn't file away smoothly and a little edge got torn away.

While both the color and the degree of shine look better in the natural light, the strips just don't have that lush, smooth look that 2-3 polish coats gives. They show ridges, wrinkles and little imperfections. They're okay if no one is going to be looking to closely, but overall, I'd rather just take the time and get or do a real manicure.

I just checked my French kit and it only has 10 strips as well. Has anyone else had this happen?


Mar 17, 2008
Update on missing strips: I emailed Incoco and they very speedily and courteously emailed me back and will replace the packages.

Also forgot to mention that each package had two sample strips of another color, which was nice.


wallet whore
Aug 20, 2006
Indianapolis, IN
ok, my sister had these through Avon. (i sound like a broken redocrd with avon, lol but i used to sell it, so i guess i compare most things to that first) so yes i know what you are talking about now. my sister said hers peeled off easily, the avon brand that is....im sure this brand is better quality....


Sep 18, 2007
Sorry that happened to you. It sounds like someone stole them at Walgreens!

I really like the French tip strips. It does a lot better than I would do free handed and it lasts me a long time.


May 16, 2006
Bavaria, Germany
I liked the french ones but my thumb nail was basically too large for the appliques..I had to stretch it and also make sure that I didn't rip it in the process!