Just treated myself to this


I Love Evo's & LV's!
Aug 16, 2012
:Running amuck in Oz!
The lady had great feedback and assured authenticity I paid $365. I hope i Love it ! View attachment 3549062
Sorry, but you need to have this Authenticated by a paid third party Authentication service, as I advised you to do on the ATLV Thread? As we no longer authenticate Scarves or Shawls. :smile:

I see some major Red Flags with this Seller based on the huge quantity of these items Listed & Sold? You simply cannot purchase this many Scarves or Shawls from a actual Store and list them below HALF the RRP? And ALL come with absolutely nothing? I hope I am wrong! I wish you Luck! :smile:

EDIT: This Thread should have waited until AFTER you had Confirmation of Authenticity? Not Before? Since Authenticity is unconfirmed. Sorry!
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