Just Took The Plunge, Electric Blue Stam, Opinions Please

  1. Hi all,
    I bought my first MJ a few weeks back ( a gorgeous merlot venetia from the sweetest tpf'er :yes:) and was bitten by the MJ bug bad. I have been wanting a Stam for what seems like forever and when I saw this beauty I had to have her:drool::yahoo:. I hope she's authentic but it looked good to me (though I am no expert) and I adore the color.
    Is it as bright IRL? Thanks so much as always ladies. I always love hearing your opinions and thoughts:tup:

  2. I love the color!! Congrats!
  3. omg. that is a freakin' gorgeous color! i love bright colors. i love it! congrats.
  4. Thanks so much:shame:. I am love with this color too and had pretty much given up all hope of finding one so I am really excited. If can ever figure out how to post pics I will get some up when she gets here.
    There was some talk of it being a relist which I did not know until after I got it (I know should have checked here first but that itchy trigger finger got the better of me). I checked the completed auctions as well as her feedback and could not find it so hopefully it will work out.
  5. :tup: me too! I LOVE IT!
  6. OMG, gorgeous color!!! Congrats.
  7. Beautiful color!!!! Congrats!!!
  8. Beautiful bag! Can't wait to see pics and details when it arrives. It really is a standout color.
  9. Yeahhh, girl! Thats what Im talking about! That is a gorgeous Stam! Please post pics when you get it!
  10. Congrats!! It's a beautiful bag and will definitely be an eye turner!
  11. i love the bright blue on the stam... you should def consider. posting pics. im excited to seee.
  12. Congrats! I was tempted to make an offer on that one, but the more I looked at it, the more I thought it was too bright for me - altho I love the color (I have the Karolina in a similar color) and it is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I wish MJ did more blues, but they are so few and far between.

    Considering this is only your 2nd (of what I'm sure will be many!) MJ purchase, you did well - That's a very popular style in an extremely HTF color!!! You'll look like a pro carrying it!!

    Congrats again (and please figure out how to post pics so we can see her when you get it!!):yes::p
  13. What a beauty! Congrats!!!!!
  14. Gorgeous Stam! The colour is just fabulous :nuts:
    Please remember to post pics when you get it! :flowers:
  15. so you're the one that got this beautiful blue stam! the color is amazing. congrats! i'm excited for pics too!