Just too many decisions to make in life... and LV is one of them. Help!

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  1. I need some help! I brought the Mini Lin Billfold Wallet in Ebene just around the new year but thinking of changing it already. (This is because I brought the Roxbury Drive in Amarante last week.) I haven't really used the wallet yet except just tried putting my cards in to see how it looks. The refund/exchange period has just passed so I really can't take it back to the store. So my question is should I go thru the hassle of selling it on eBay and buy something else or should I just keep it? Cause really I don't want to be losing a tonne of money for it as it's like brand new, but I am afraid of selling it and only getting like 1/2 of my money back. What if people think it's a fake... anyone sold their brand new LV on eBay before?

    My choices are either keeping the mini lin or changing it to vernis pomme/amarante or damier. Is it worth it?

    Always torn with decisions like this for LVs cause there's just too many that I want... :shrugs:
  2. If you don't like it, sell it. How many days has the exchange period passed? Maybe if you're exchanging and they see it's practically brand new, they'll make an exception??

  3. LV will not exchange once a customer has placed credit cards in any of the slots as they should not since it would not be fair to the next person acquiring it. I think you will get back more than 1/2 on eBay if you sold it with the receipt you could get back as much as 75% . Good luck!
  4. I think you have a beautiful wallet there, doesn't it go well with your speedy? Save up and get a different one for your Roxbury, then you'll have lots of beautiful choices. LV has tons of beautiful wallets to choose from.
  5. if you like it, then sell it. However if you ask me, I would keep it. I would not sell things for the sake of funding for another purchase. Just wait for a few more months and then when you get more savings, then buy your vernis bag.
  6. Thanks for all your quick responses! The only thing is that I would probably not get another wallet until at least another 2-3 years cause I much rather spend the money on the bag. So practically I am looking at getting 75% back? I just put my credit card in once and that's pretty much it... boy was that expensive.. lol. I guess if I were to keep a few wallets, then yes it's probably more worthwhile to keep it.

    How about forgetting the money part of it... if you were only to choose one and need to keep it for a few years use... would you pick the mini lin ebene, vernis pomme/amarante or damier?

    I appreciate your opinion!!!
  7. I'd sell it if you are not planning to use it anymore. Otherwise, I will just be sitting there. If selling with receipt and brand new condition, I'm sure you can get at least 75%-85% of the original price on eBay. Good luck!
  8. That's depending on the styles... I like different pieces in different lines. That is how LV get you! They are all so damn cute!! LOL