just to set the record straight..

  1. I'm confused, I thought it was dictated that inclusion was out in june, and amarante was in september? Now I'm being told that it too has been changed to june? What's the real deal?
  2. Yeah that's what I had been told too. Hmm.
    My SA did call tonight and told me they have a new book with new colors to look at (she didn't exactly specify WHAT was in it) but maybe it was switched.

    lol..iM SO CONFUSED.......................
  4. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  5. Lol I think what she meant was that we have heard that the Amarante Inclusion would be out in June but the Amarante Vernis bags would be out in September-ish.
    Now we've been hearing that both colors would come out at the same time (June).
  6. Any pics of these?
  7. ^^ Unfortuntely, none online. The option is available when you click on the Inclusions on the LV site but the pics aren't up yet. The store does have an accessories look book that came out about a month ago though and it shows them.

    My SA called me today and told me about a new look book with new colors of bags so maybe the Amarante Vernis is in there? I don't know yet. I wish the party was this week instead of next week, I'm getting impatient. :push:
  8. Yeah, my SA showed me the new accessories look book. The Amarante color is TDF. It's gotta look gorgeous IRL!
  9. amarante........................what a mysterious color! Can't wait to see pics!
  10. ^^It's a dark shimmery purple/mauve. The Inclusion pieces are SO pretty, I can't wait for them! And when the Vernis bags come out I want the Reade PM. :love:
  11. The Amarante color is sooo pretty~! I was told the Amarante Pegase *might* be out in June so maybe the Amarante line will be out then?

    And Rebecca, ITA! I really want the Reade PM or Roxbury in Amarante, they'll be so gorgeous!
  12. Darn, I was hoping later rather than sooner. I have too many things that I want and there's no way I am going to be able to get them when it comes out. Grr....

    I am also thinking of an amarante Roxbury!
  13. That sounds yum! Can't wait to see the Amarante pieces irl!
  14. there is a photoshop version in the fall summery (link below in sig) it is quite close apparently.
  15. I wish I were a bigger fan of Vernis. Tho I do love the bedford bag. Maybe I would like it even better in purple? I'm still drooling over hot pink fuchsia ones on eBay. I do love a pomme and indigo bedford tho. Thanks for the info Rebecca.