Just to let my steam off...

  1. I have always been carrying LV bags. After I bought my mini lin speedy in ebene, I also bought the recent croissette speedy in blue because I love the mini lin fabric. Just after I bought my blue speedy, I found out that one of my staff who always very critical about my branded bags (she gossips to my other staffs) also bought a mini lin speedy in ebene. Moreover, she came up to justifying that she bought a newer model than me when the bag is exactly the same as mine. Just five minutes ago, I found out that another of my staff also bought the blue croissette speedy which makes it two. Do you think it is funny to go for meeting with my staffs carrying the same bags? I usually go for meetings with both and now both have the same bag as me. I know they usually copy what I buy but never my LV stuff and it never bothered me when they bought the same ebel watch, fendi watch, coach bags... I really don't care because it is never in the same design.

    Anyway...Don't know why I am so unhappy in this case...Suddenly thought of letting off steam in this forum..Don't mean to let it go in this forum but I just cannot express displeasure to my staff right?? I am trying not to be so small-minded about it but just cannot help it....

    I am typing this very very fast so sorry for any typo....:sad:
  2. There is a saying about people imitating you, meaning that they admire you. Either that or they really have no clue on what to get and they look up to you. If you do not find it flattering, I see where it could bother you. Does it have to do with the fact that they work for you?
  3. its understandable to be disappointed when someone in such close quarters has the same things as you do. i try not to let things like that bother me because i know that my bags aren't one of a kind (not saying that's how you feel). you should be flattered that you're the stylish one in your office, so much so that your co-workers copy you heh :smile:
  4. Yep I think so because they work under me and I attend functions and meetings with them. We are in sales & marketing and I don't want to look like we sell LV bags because carrying the same design is very obvious and does look odd.
  5. Please everyone give me therapy to live through this...
  6. Take it as compliment that they love what you buy so much they went out and bought the same thing. Just think of yourself as the office trend setter. Not follower.
  7. sometimes I buy a certain style because i'd seen it or tpf members but i def will not buy a purse my sister or co-worker has. I like it to be exclusive as well. So yes I'll absolutetly be frustrated if i were you. Sorry about that!
  8. God help me... can't take it because one of them just came up to me and said...'you need to put a cardboard in your bag you know. It will help you hold your stuff...The sales person told me that'. I just smiled painfully and said I usually have a base sharper in my speedy. Just hope they stop talking about it because I really really am not in a mood to chat and share my interest, not with them, at least not now. Thank you for condolences Ha Ha.
  9. This is really really frustrating! Try to remember that
    1. It's a free country so anyone can buy anything
    2. It's flattering to you
    3. Are they buying vrai Louis or faux?

    I don't know if I would actually even do this, but the thought passed my mind that I'd start carrying a shopping bag at least for a while. Something chic like a Barney's bag -- black & silver -- would be cute & original.

    Instead of one-upping everyone, you could one-down them!

    And maybe even carry a supermarket bag for a while.

    I know, I'm being silly but I definitely feel your pain & frustration. Grrrr.

    Bottom line: be confident & assured. you have great taste & style so do your own thing
    & ignore them.

    And if anyone says anything about the parade of LV's at a meeting, you can always wink, smile & say: "I'm the boss, they're just following orders..."
  10. Lmao Bagagiste!!! All that I can say is try to turn this around and look at it positively like some of the other ladies suggested, it will not bother you as much. Your co-workers probably like your style and to me that would be a compliment. As with the suggestions on your bags, they are probably just trying to be helpful or make conversation.
  11. Sine youre unhappy, it obviously bothers you. Any chance you could upgrade your mini lin croisette to the Marina PM or GM ? That way, you still have the pattern and fabric you LVoe, but its not the same style ........
  12. Oh gosh. That sucks. I feel your pain. So you have 2 options. Keep with your same bag or trade it in. Good luck!

    PS Congrats thoughon your bag! It is a beauty!
  13. No choice. I have to keep the bag cos it is definitely almost 2 months already. Actually, when I knew my first staff bought the same speedy, I returned the blue croisette speedy. Was upset but could not forget about it and returned to vuitton the next day to get it back. Then today, found out that my second staff bought it as well....hrmmmm, reason why I couldn't take it. Also the reason why I am venting in this forum because my other half could not understand my frustration.

    Actually I am feeling much better now. I have decided to keep the bag in my closet till the day their bags get real abuse....heh heh and then use mine be it 2 or 3 years down the road.

    On a serious note, the SA at vuitton called me and I put a limelight on hold. Just need to pop down to pick it up ;) GLEEE that's my why HA HA
  14. To be honest, I would feel a bit silly going to a meeting wearing the same bags as the other women. I would try to switch up my bags most days to ensure we maybe wouldn't be carrying the same bags :tup:
  15. It's the best flattery! That's what Marc Jacob said!