Just to let everyone know...

  1. I know many of you have wished me well over the last few weeks since finding out I was pregnant, but I wanted to let everone know that I lost the baby. I'm sad beyond words, but my husband, family and friends have been very supportive and I have a wonderful 22 month old son I still need to take care of.

    Thanks to all my friends (especially my bbag girls) for your heartfelt wishes. This place always puts a smile on my face, and I'm gonna need it now more than ever.
  2. Oh, honey, I am SO sorry! I send you all my love and will keep you in my prayers! :flowers:
  3. I am so sorry. I know from experience how devastating it can be to lose a pregnancy, and you will be in my thoughts. I am so glad you have family and friends to support you during this time.

    Please don't be afraid to cry and to grieve for as long as you need. Others often seem to think it is easier to get past than it actually is, so don't be rushed. Everyone has different healing times and needs.

    Again, I am so sorry.
  4. I'm so sorry~ I know all too well what you're going through... Having another child at home that needs mommy helped me alot too.

    Best wishes~
  5. Oh, I am so sorry! I will be praying for you.
  6. oh, honey i'm so sorry for your loss.
    let's now take the postive and put all the love to ur son :sad:
  7. i am very sorry to hear your news. hugs to you and your family.
  8. i am so sorry sweetie!!
    i just had surgery yesterday,so im typin with difficulty.please feel free to pm me anytime to talk...ive been there..its so hard
  9. my thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time....:heart:
  10. I am so sorry for your loss!

    We love you and we're here for you!
  11. i'm so sorry for your loss :sad:
    (((((a big hug to you)))))
  12. Sending you hugs :heart: REALLY sorry to hear about your news. My thoughts will be with you and gald that you have the support of family, friends and of course all of us hear. Time is a great healer, all the best x
  13. I am so sorry :sad: -- my love, thoughts, and prayers to you and your family.
  14. I am so sorry for your loss:sad: I can not begin to know how you are feeling, but am glad to hear you have good friends and family close. My thoughts & prayers are with you and your family.
  15. Oh that's tough. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I'm a mother and I can't imagine... It's so wonderful that you have a lot of support that's so very important right now. Faith and time are also a wonderful healers.:heart: