Just to give people an idea of how popular Coach is where I live

  1. Last night, I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and every woman at the customer service counter in line was carrying a coach purse. Then I went to a bridal shower afterward, and almost every woman in the room was carrying a coach bag. I live in the northshore mass.
  2. Oh my! The ladies of Northshore Mass sure has some good taste! :yes:
  3. I was mentioning this in another thread. At the nail salon yesterday at least 5 women were carrying signature Coach. The majority that I see are khaki signature in some style. That is part of the reason I will never carry a Khaki signature. I hate looking like everybody else! LOL I live in the East Bay (SF Area) California.
  4. I'm on the South Shore in Massachusetts and I see Carlys EVERYWHERE! They are the "It Bag" around here.
  5. ITA!

    That's why whenever I see a lot of people with Coach I tell myself it's okay cuz we aren't carrying the same thing.
  6. ^^ITA! That's why I loved my sig multi stripe demi, no one had it! But nobody around here has the black legacy signature shoulder bag I got either :yahoo:! We don't sell legacy here. So I'm safe! :sweatdrop:
  7. I would so notice you if I saw you walking down the street with a legacy. Much more than I would with the demi.
    I'm glad you got it :yahoo:
  8. The khaki signature runs rampant in Central Ohio. I have some signature bags but i've avoided khaki for this reason.
  9. Yeah, I see loads of signature around here but rarely any leather which is great for me because that's what I'm usually carrying.
  10. in my highschool at least 150-200 grls have coachbags. most of them are signature hobos and demis but if someone has a a larger bag it is usually khaki signature with the light camel trim and i dont like that combination at all so if i do get something khaki signature i stick to the dark brown trim.
  11. It always trips me out to see some of our younger tPFers post about all the Coach they see at their high school! Yikes, when I was in high school, a $50 Esprit bag was the "in" thing...not a $300 Coach!
    How times have changed...but for the better! :p
  12. Yes, me too. At my kids school I have seen some authentic purses that are very expensive. My daughters each have one Coach purse. One got a punch sig stripe swingpack for her birthday with a matching mini skinny. The other one, she was given a fake by a friend for her b-day and at the last pce, i replaced it with a real sig soho small hobo black on black. If she hadn't been given the fake, I wouldn't have bought the hobo. I have given them wristlets and other accessories that I find at the outlet as other little gifts. Oh, and my 16 year old got the outlet keyfob that is a sandal in a turquoise color on the day she got her driver's license. It was only $24.

    It might be different if my girls took better care of their stuff overall, but they don't. It would kill me to spend that much on a purse for them that they toss around and don't take care of. So, when they want to use their own money, they can buy it themselves. They always take better care when it's their own money being spent.
  13. At my school, all I see is Goach! :throwup: I've seen a few real Coach bags.
  14. Oh my! You should all come check out where I live!

    I think my sister and I have the only Coach bags in the state!

    LOL! No, seriously, when we were at the mall today, we saw a few. I saw a girl with a Coach hat, Coach shoes and a stripe tote. All matching. She looked great! We also saw Miss ________ today (can't reveal my state just yet until after Raok) and she had her crown on coming out of Macy's with a sig stripe reversable bag! I thought that was cool!
  15. Yeah, me too. I was lucky to have a K-mart bag! And that was only 10 years ago!