Just to clear this up.

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  1. Just thought I'd start a new thread to clear this issue up. Firstly yes LAST year I was looking for replica sites, since then my friend bought a replica handbag and it fell to pieces within a week!:tdown: I decided from then on that there was no point in getting fakes, I'd just save for the real thing. So none of my handbags are fake. Wheather you choice to believe me on not is a different story. If I ever post photos again I would appreciate if people don't start saying that they are fakes, as it's just not the case..deal? :smile:
  2. Show us your collection then :tup:
    I guess we all make mistakes from one time to another.
  3. Whoa...I have no clue as to what this all about?:sad:
  4. Uhhhhh?
  5. ummm???
  6. Yeah, I missed out on this drama?

    I just read the previous thread. You posted a fake bag, and said it was real. That is like fighting material around here. No matter how good of a fake you may think you have and post it as real, I PROMISE you one the gals/guys here will clock it EVERY time. EVERY!!! Im sure that thread was a lesson learned! Anyway, there was alot of good info posted for you to educate yourself on fakes. :smile:
  7. Yea, i didnt either, but read back through some of her threads. I guess im a forgiving person, plus i wasnt a member of the board at such time.
  8. Yes, have you other bag than your Mini Pleaty ?
    Oh, and when will you buy your new Speedy 30 :graucho: ? lol
  9. wow......i just read the other thread..
  10. Nope just have my mini pleaty at the minute. I'm going to buy my speedy 30 this month so I'm quite excited about it.
  11. Haha, I know, I'll buy my new Speedy 40 in a month & 2 weeks !!! I'm so excited !!!
  12. Piccies when it arrives please. And let me know about the size...i still have size issues so aint made the plunge into buying one as of yet. Im pretty tall 5'7'', but very slim. Hmmmm?
  13. I just read through the thread, and the biggest difference between your bag and the one the mod posted is the colour, but the colour of your picture is more bluish overall. I can't believe people didn't notice. O.o
  14. No I didn't post a fake bag I posted my REAL LOUIS VUITTON..everyone just THOUGHT it was a fake.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.