Just to add more confusion......

  1. At first I thought the new infamous bag from Barneys was GV color. Then I was convinced it was mousse, but I saw THIS bag on e-bay, and it is called gris. And it is EXACTLY what my bag looks like!! Remember how I said my bag had an eggplant sort of color on the edging??? Well this picture is EXACTLY what mine looks like. Mine also rang up as gris at Barneys, but I just thought it was short for gris/vert, as my bag DOES have the greenish tones we have discussed. This seller is reputable and has other mousse and GV colors available, so I am pretty certain she knows what she is talking about (which is more than I can say for myself :P ) So I just thought I would update you on this ongoing color saga. As of tonight, I do believe my bag just may be plain old gris!!!

    eBay: Chloe Paddington Handbag Bag Gris Grey Gray Fall 06 (item 130004193598 end time Oct-02-06 15:35:51 PDT)
  2. Noooo! Now I don't know which one I want because they are both so beautiful!! :sad:

    I see what you mean about the difference between mousse and gris. :yes: Whatever they named them, both colors are completely gorgeous! :heart:
  3. I agree both colours are amazing. I love them both.
  4. Hi Triplets05,
    I thought I saw a post about the Gris having brass hardware?? This is confusing :confused1:

    Anyhow, regardless of whether your Paddy is Mousse/Gris/VG...it's simply gorgeous...don't give it up, ok? There are times when I prefer to go with a color that I really love as opposed to a color that goes with most of my wardrobe.

    Can you tell that I love the Mousse, Gris & VG colors...hehehe
  5. dustyrose, I think they dark grey has brass. Not really sure.
    This thread was not to worry anyone that I was on the fence again. I AM keeping the bag. I just feel like I have recently been tooting my horn to some new Chloe fans about the color mousse, and I may actually not even know what the real mousse looks like! Whatever it is, Gris, GV, mousse, I am very satisfied with it...always was...just felt guilty about so many bags. But now I am pleased with my choice. And one more Very Important thing. My 4 year old LOOOOOOVES to use the key and open the padlock. He is under VERY strict instruction that he can only use the lock on the grey bag because it is silver and will not chip!!!!! Too risky on the whiskey bag if you know what I mean!
  6. Hooray, I'm glad you get to keep it!
  7. Hippiechic,
    I know this is off the thread subject, but a mousse paddy was listed on e-bay late last night. I saw it this morning. You might look at it and then ask about authentication with the PF girls. I think the bidding starts at $800.
  8. Thanks Triplets05!
  9. Chloe colour names are so confusing, every store has their own name for them but one thing is for sure; they're all so tempting!! :nuts: Triplets your bag is absolutely gorgeous..!!! :love: Enjoy it! :flowers:
  10. YAYYYY!!!!!:yahoo: Your paddy is too pretty to part with anyhow.

    Yeah, you'll learn to live with the guilt ;)

    That's a very good paddy rule...but leave the whiskey out of reach, just in case!
  11. Hmm.. when I saw that pic, I could have sworn that it was the gris-vert. I've seen the gris-vert in rl and it's a shade darker than the mousse. It's getting to be really hard to say! I would believe the seller though. Nonetheless, it's still a beautiful bag! Congrats!!! ;)
  12. Update!

    I stopped at the new Bloomies in SF today and saw several "green/grey" paddingtons.

    Their hang tags read 'Gris Vert' and their edgework was that dark maroon.

    They were identical in leather color to my mousse (mousse per tag, purchased at Joan
    Shepp in May). My mousse has a green edging though.

    So they are definately the same color, just different edge colors and names!!
  13. So they are both greenish-grey? Wah! I want to go see now... Not that I can buy anymore paddys... :sweatdrop:
  14. Is there any color that is a true gray and does it have silver hardware?
  15. You know Macp6 I thought the "dove" on NAP was a true grey.

    But heck, after finding that Gris Vert and Mousse are the same, who knows!! LOL