Just tickled pink :)

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  1. I found this beauty at winners, the Canadian version of tjmaxx and on sale :smile:. The tag says dbow but can anyone chime in if this us correct. It's a mini version and the pink is much softer irl:smile:

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  2. So beautiful! Congrats on a great find!
  3. Thanks :smile:. Im so happy i found it!
  4. Love this, you are so lucky!
  5. Thanks jburgh! I was surprised to find anything because it was the monday after the easter weekend and thought everything would be wiped out! I have loved tods ever since i went to Italy :smile:
  6. How pretty! Love this style of magnetic closure.

  7. Thank you ellabartley :smile: It is a nice design but I am keeping my wallet in the zippered portion just because I am used to zippered bags. I am debating whether I should bring it on vacation with me at the end of the month or stick to my lv Bloomsbury or my Gucci crossbody. What do any of you think? is it not safe enough for travelling?

  8. I have a Tod's handbag with the same closure. I keep my wallet and phone in the zipped section too. But I'm fairly paranoid about open tops, so I judge it on whether I would find it distracting during my day. I wouldn't feel totally secure in a crowded tourist area, although the magnets feel pretty firm. You don't want to spend your vacation distracted by your handbag!
  9. I will be going back to Aruba and its not crowded at all. I do notice that it can open up more easily when using it as a crossbody so that's why I wasn't sure what to do. I'm going to try to see if I can fit both my wallet and camera in the zippered portion. If I can then I will bring it, if I cannot, then my beauty will have to stay home. Thanks so much for your input ellabartley :smile:

  10. You are so welcome. Your plan sounds sensible! Really hope you enjoy your vacation!