Just thought this would be an interesting read

  1. I hope I have this in the right forum, if not I'm sorry.

    This article tells of selling on eBay and the way an online auction company deals with the authentication process (picture of Hermes bags and more about Hermes)

    edit: now that I look into this link I do not see the Hermes picture (http://www.wpost.com/ a rouge JPG birkin) , and there was one in the paper self (Birkin etoile, which was fake)
  2. Fasinating article! What an interesting job Mr. Rubinger must have!
  3. Thanks HK, interesting read.
  4. thank u,very interesting!
  5. Thank you, hkloosterman for the interesting read.
  6. That was great, thank you for sharing!
  7. i could not see it in the link, am i missing it? could you copy and paste perhaps? i am very interested in reading it, thx for posting.
  8. HC the pictures online at the homepage of the WP were only there for a while, in the online article it doesn't show those pictures anymore :sad: though in the paper itself it did, I'm sorry, I didn't think of making a scan or save the picture as....
  9. Great post, HK, thanks for the info. Have to go check out Portero now. [OMG, it never ends.]
  10. Thanks HK-- love reading anything with the word Hermes in it--:smile:
  11. Thanks, hk. Very informative article. :smile:
  12. Great article. Thanks for posting. Perhaps they'll become the alternative to eBay given the preponderance of fakes on that site.
  13. Actually Portero sells on eBay.

    Someone sent me the scan of the photo from the paper, if anyone is interested:

    Hee! For some reason this photo makes me laugh. And the comment about that bag "turning out to be" a fake sort of made me laugh too. God, I can smell it through the computer screen. Blech! Look at the corners.
  14. Cynthia thanks so much :smile:, Portero is trying to move away from ebay and setting up it's own auctionsite. I believe his mom works for this company as well, so maybe she learned him the tricks early on ;)
  15. Probably not a bad idea. eBay can be hell on sellers, between fees and every other headache in the book! I am seriously thinking about doing the same thing at some point.