Just thought of something related to TJ max and Coach

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  1. So, while I was at TJ maxx, I made sure to look for original Coach tags to see if they were all factory--some were and some were not..So, I got to thinking, people could EASILY buy the non-factory items and return them to Coach without receipt as long as the tags were still in place..

    In turn, getting a lot more money from Coach than they paid for..

    Is Coach going to do something to stop that or is there no way of knowing what was purchased at TJs ect??
  2. bags purchased at discount stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls are marked with an X on the creed.

    The boutique bags that go to the outlet have the bullseye - so yes, they would know the difference.
  3. Im not sure, but only a total looser would do that.

  4. Oh interesting. I knew about the bullseye but I hadn't heard of the "X".
    Thanks for the info!~

  5. That's what I was thinking, so that's why I was wondering what they have done/ are going to do to prevent that.:tup:
  6. Well one thing I've noticed at TJ Maxx is that they often have items tagged with the wrong Coach tag. I just bought a wallet there this past week and the Coach tag said it was a shearling clutch or wristlet or something, I forget. It's clearly not a shearling anything, lol. It's a blue leather wallet and I'm still trying to track down what it is.
  7. I just bought a bag at TJ and my creed does not have an X. I even checked before posting. I do notice though that the Coach Tags are marked.--they have numbers written on them.

    I would not return to Coach for more money and hope if someone does that the Coach SA's embarrass the crap out of them.
  8. lol- wouldn't you need a receipt of purchase to return anything to the boutique? Or am I totally mistaken?

    And I'm sure you aren't the first person to think of this or perhaps attempt it. Thanks for letting us know- esp since I buy most of my Coach's on the Bay, now I know what the X means! lol~~
  9. Alaska, I had never even heard of the "X" marking! You learn something new everyday I guess. :smile:.
  10. without a receipt they could only get a store credit.

  11. That's usually the case, but not always.... My shearling signature stripe bag that I bought from Maxx did not have the X or a bullsye. My Bleecker duffle that I just bought at Maxx yesterday has the bullseye, and the signature flap and duffle do have the X. I have seen some Chelsea bags at Marshalls that also do not have the X.
  12. Actually... Only a VERY small handful of my items from the outlet have the bullseye...

    And at TJ I have NEVER seen the X... and I always look at the Creed...

    So I'm not sure if it's a reliable thing to look for X's and Bullseyes
  13. Whew, I just got back from TJ Maxx. I called before I left and specifically asked if they had the signature Hampton's carryall with the lilac stripe and white leather trim. They said yes and they would hold it for me. When I got there it was $165 and the white trim had a pink tinge to it on one side. It was clearly defective. The creed was stamped with an "X" on the upper left hand corner. I didn't know what that meant until I read this post just now. I asked if I could see their other Coach bags because the rep on the phone told me there were "a lot" in the back room. Well they told me no, that I couldn't preview them because they're saving them to bring them out on the 21st of April for their designer handbags event. I ended up spending $140 there on clothes and stuff for my daughter. Glad I spent money on her instead. I don't own a signature coach bag and I thought that was going to change today, but I still can't bring myself to buy fabric bags for the same kind of money that I spend on the leather ones.
  14. I bought this bag at TJ several weeks ago. I didn't notice it until I got home, but it has the X on the creed. I asked out here and heard about why it was there. The only thing wrong with my bag is the leather Coach hangtag is missing. Otherwise, beautiful. Waiting until June to carry her, but looking forward to it!

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  15. I've never noticed the x but I just checked several bags I got at the outlets and only 1 of 5 had the bullseye.