Just thought I'd start off the morning with some pics of amazing bags..

  1. o.m.g
    they are all so beautiful
    esp. the lizard..wow!
  2. oooohhh.....the jeweled one......aahhhhh
  3. Iknowww...........i love the green one...it also came it pink too and a different style tote...a.rghh.....wish i was filthy rich
  4. WOW...Speechless.
  5. The second one is TO DIE FOR!!!:amazed: :love:
    It's the same one Vicky B. is holding in this photo:
  6. I like VB's more...I dont like the blue green color....HER IS TO DIE FOR>.....ahhhhhh
  7. i absolutely love the one victoria beckham has.......i'd give my left arm to own that :love::love::love:....
  8. i want that Clutch soo baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad
  9. As long as you don't mind carrying your bags with your right arm for the rest of your life!!!:lol:
  10. OMG! Just STUNNING!:heart: Thanks for the eye candy. :love:
  11. OMg I Love the first one =)
  12. I love V.B.'s bag!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Stunning bags!
  14. *drooling*

    I wish I could have the clutch and the Suhali.