Just thought I'd share this ....

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  1. Since we all have at least 10 bags in our collection, I thought I'd share this great invention with you guys! Maybe some of you have heard/seen this before but, I thought it would be worth mentioning again....I actually don't know what it's called but,(I think it's way better than Purseket), I found it at Saks about 6 or 7 years ago. It makes it so easy to change handbags at a drop of a hat! I have it in black, large since I have mainly large bags (fits med. to large bags). It's very durable too, mine still looks brand new after 6 yrs. In case you're wondering, I don't work for this company or anything :lol: , just excited about this invention!
  2. Very cute..does it just fit in there like a Purseket?
  3. It's very cute!!!I ordered my pursekit this week I hope it work well like that!
  4. The beauty of this thing is it looks like a handbag....you place this whole lightweight thing inside your handbag and the handles retract in those side slits. This one is in red and the handles are beige...so those beige handles help you to lift it out of whatever purse you want to change from and place it in your new bag of choice...then retract the handles....and viola!
  5. looks really handy~~~ where can u find this online?
  6. Unfortunately, I haven't seen it at Saks anymore....I don't know why..the SA told me she gets frequent requests for it, now and then. I found their underconstruction website though. www.talbery.com
  7. Ohhhh, I get it...pretty interesting and a novel idea. I swear one day I'm going to invent something like that! If only I invented those darn table hooks for purses! :biggrin:
  8. Oh...i would love to have one....it seen very useful !!!
  9. If you have an anal retentive personality like me, it is so useful. It saves so much time, removing your wallet, coin purse, tissue, sunglasses, mints, aspirin, etc. to your new bag! I love this thing...can you tell? :huh: .
  10. i think this purseket will be usefull for me as i like all my things inside my bags well arrange...i just send an email to purseket.com to ask if they ship to europe ;)
  11. Looks handy!
  12. Too cool! Thanks for sharing that, what a great idea...I change bags constantly!
  13. Cute :biggrin:
  14. It looks really great for large totes! Thanks for sharing!
  15. This is a cool thing. Maybe I should get one...