Just thought I'd share something interesting about myself


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Dec 7, 2005
I just thought I would share something interesting about myself that none of you knew about, so that's why I made this thread.:amuse:

Before marriage and kids, in 2003 I was big into the whole Volkswagen import scene. I had my own 2003 VW Jetta GLI that I purchased myself (I traded it that same year for my little Bimmer). While I still had temp tags on it, I added a full coilover suspension, Caractere body kit, and rare Bosch HID headlights I picked up from Germany (only 1000 sets were made). I didn't do much but I was able to show off at meets and shows. Here's a picture of it (with my now husband and I taking a nap inside) from Race101.com from a VW show in Covington, KY right outside of Cincinatti.:


Cool :amuse: I'm not much into cars, but my former co-worker used to race her Nissan 200SX, and was a member of Girlie Girl Racing (not sure if that's a national club?). I almost bought a Jetta in 1999 when I got my first car, but went with a Honda Civic EX instead. The Jetta was the same price, but had hardly any features and had manual transmission.
allison said:
I'm not much into cars anymore but I still have my knowledge and change my own oil ;)

That's good! :amuse: I don't know how to do that. I should learn how to change a flat, I blew a tire on the highway last year and waited over an hour for AAA to come :shame: I can tune a guitar or bass, and set up sound equipment.... but when it comes to cars, I'm clueless :shame: :P

Did you race, or did you only do mods to the car? I just bought a white 2006 Toyota Corolla S, the most I've done is tinted the windows super-dark :lol: I need to get some nice speakers in there.
YOu should come to Michigan and check out the Dream Cruise- you would love it! It's every Summer and over a million people line Woodward Avenue to look at all of the classic, kit, luxury, and all sorts of cars that would blow your mind.
If you notice really close, the front bumper was a slighty different color than the body. The paint guy got the wrong silver paint code and painted it the silver arrow from the year before when they changed it to reflex silver.