Just thought I'd share some flats I recently got (Repetto, Maloles & Bloch)

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  1. I consider myself a wide feet person, I do own 3 pairs of Lanvin, they are comfy but also pricey :sad:

    Some lovely ladies here recommended other brands such as Repetto, Maloles, I went ahead and ordered each a pair.

    These Repetto are super comfy, I ordered a size up, it's wider than the Lanvin and deeper in the front:

    I got these Maloles, ordered 1/2 size up, front is comfortable but the heel is kind of hard:


    and lastly I went ahead and bought these by Bloch Couture, it was on sale, also ordered a size up, super comfy, less pricey $39 on sale (maybe because it's Made in Thailand LOL):

  2. Just realized I just hit 100 post on tPF :yahoo:
  3. All of those flats are gorgeous! Love the style of the Repetto and the Bloch looks so soft!
  4. I love your new shoes!! The color of the Bloch is sooo pretty!!
  5. I had some Maloles ones and they are very comfy
  6. Love them. Hopefully the back will get softer.

    Oh and congrats on 100!!! lol
  7. Love Repettos :tup:

    Hey, congrats on the 100th post!
  8. Good choices. They are all really cute!
  9. Adorable! I didn't know Bloch was making street shoes now too. I guess if one manufacturer does, the rest follow suit!
  10. I have repettos and bloch. My Repettos are Esmeralda, Demeter, and this slight block-heel one whose style I can't remember. All are black suede and SUPER comfy. Demeter is probably my favorite style. I've been pining for a pair of Bolchois for ages, though! The repettos are super comfortable.

    My blochs are very soft and comfy, albeit a little short. They're mary-jane style with ties, just like tap shoes.

    What style and how much were your repettos?
  11. I have seen Maloles on my local Dept Store and thought they are very cute..After reading your post, I think I am going to give it a try :nuts:

    Thanks for sharing and congrat for the 100th post!
  12. Love your Repettos - so pretty!
  13. They're all really cute and are made by actual ballet-slipper companies! No wonder they are so comfy - enjoy!
  14. Hi, I own a few pairs of Repetto flats(size 38) and want to order a pair of Bloch street flats. Was wondering if you could let me know what are the sizes of your Repetto and Bloch. Thank you!