Just thought I'd add some cool pic's

  1. Enjoy!
    IMG_5533 (1).jpg IMG_5538.jpg IMG_5548.jpg IMG_5549 (1).jpg IMG_5557.jpg
  2. more
    IMG_5560.jpg IMG_5562.jpg
  3. Nice, thanks for sharing. I love your ellipse!
  4. Very Nice Collection.
  5. Thanks bagfetish! I love the way pomme looks against the denim!
  6. That pomme d'a mour looks amazing with everything, no? Esp the denim--hot!:drool:
    I also have to compliment your bags with their lovely patina.:love:
    Thanks for the eye candy this am!
  7. Wow! I love all your patina bags and the pomme d'amour cles really gives it a little bit of spice! Thanks for sharing the pics!
  8. thank you, As you can tell i was bored this morning :smile:
  9. Oh yeah it just looks amazing irl with the denim :biggrin:
    I will have to dig out more of my bags and take pic's :biggrin:
  10. :drool: I agree.
  11. Thanks, and you're welcome :biggrin:
  12. How hot! Thanks for sharing Fetish! :biggrin:
  13. Your mono bags have such a beautiful patina!! :yes:
  14. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful patina on all your bags.
  15. I am loving the patina! What gorgeous bags and what a nice tasty treat for them...a little love apple!!! Yum!