Just thought I would share...

  1. Hi! I have not been in Fendi section for many months now, but I thought that I would share this picture my SA sent me from Balharbour shops ....I think she is gorgeous. I was never into Fendi B-bag, but this one is - :drool: :drool: :drool:

  2. wow!!!! that is soooo gorgeous! very cute. how much??
  3. Hey girl!

    That is a beauty Star! You indulging?
  4. i just showed it to my SO and he likes it too! LOL.
  5. oooooh so cute!
  6. ^^^^ Although STUNNING:drool: ...I am saving up for another bag right now:graucho: ...just thought I would share.
  7. I LOVE that bag! I saw it in gold in the newest Neimans catalog. The silver is STUNNING! It looks like like it may be alot nicer than the LV miroir bags coming out?
    (oh but you have the Hermes bug dont you! LOL)
  8. Stunning!! Looks just like a mirror. Love it.
  9. This is gorgeous! Love it!
  10. LOVES IT:wtf::heart::drool:
  11. Ah!!!
  12. Gorgeous!!
  13. the silver looks AMAZING! I saw the gold one at the fendi boutique, which looks a little too much, but the silver is fantastic! congrats!
  14. nice bag. but I am a sucker for the b bag:love:
  15. Wow! That is one shiny bag! Thanks for posting pic, Star!