Just those days - Not feeling LV today..Just feel DOWN...

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  1. Guess this started yesterday.

    I am a loyal loyal fan of LV...but just not feeling it since yesterday, maybe, because of what happened last evening.

    I took my MC Alexandra for exchange to a pomme zippy (my orignial intention) after work yesterday bcos I was uncomfortable with the grasping on my hand. It's not the usual LV boutique I visited cos I had a work appointment nearby this particular boutique and I did not want to hold on to the wallet too long (had it for 2 days). I was shocked when they tell me I cannot do an exchange because my product was USED. I was like..what do you mean? First, this is probably the 2 time I exchange an LV after purchasing from them for years. Second, I had this wallet for two days and it was definitely not used. I did not even try putting in cards bcos I was afraid it would stretch the leather etc etc...

    Anyway, they brought out another MC Alexandra and the interior leather was a tad whiter than the one I had - Hence the comment that my wallet was USED. I was like hey...this wallet was sold to me by LV in this condition. If you look at my earlier pictures, the leather inside was immaculate. It was the only piece available and I had no basis of checking etc etc....To cut the long story short, they made me drive down to the other boutique to make the change. This is the first time I feel frustrated. I feel that because the boutiques in Singapore are so close and they are competing among boutiques, they will do exchanges only for their own customers. Heard the manager telling the other staff that if I had bought it from their shop, they should have no problem with the exchange...

    I love the LV brand but I don't know what I am disappointed with - the service? the treatment? the fact that I had a rough day yesterday? or the fact that I was sold a used piece? or the fact that I did not check my goods properly? Actually I hate going to make exchange and will avoid at all cost or maybe I have always had good treatment ;( Suddenly I look at all my bags and feel all my LV bags are ULGY. Anyway, thanks for hearing...hope I get over this soon.
  2. Cheer up.....It's a case of the SA/Manager being tricky and not carrying out proper policy procedures, i.e. to allow exchange at any store. I am sure if you put your foot down and asked for proper service, they would not have inconvenient you by asking you to go back to the original store.
  3. Hey Dearie,

    Dun feel that way, Singapore Luxury Boutiques generally have sucky service mostly.

    If you feel your SA's service isn't great, let me know and I will PM you with my SA's details. He will look out for you. :flowers:

    I am feeling slightly disappointed with LV lately as well, but I hope I will get over it soon.
  4. ^^hey madaddie...pls pm me your sa.

    Actually I did put my foot down but they refused to help...gosh if only I did not have an appointment there, I would not have gone to the store ;(..I wasted 1 hour in that store insisting...
  5. Oh no, I'm sorry you had a bad experience! I've had some horrible times trying to defend myself, too...sometimes I feel like the SAs gang up against the customer!
  6. I just dont get these snooty SAs!!!! Arghhhh!!!! :cursing:

    I hope you can go back to the boutique and demand an exchange. You have been a loyal customer for years and they have no reason WHATSOEVER to reject you!!!:hysteric:
  7. hey which boutique ? im from singapore also.
  8. ^ hi woot...DFS..
  9. Sorry to hear of your experience, Crazy Bag. :flowers: So this was at the DFS store? I've only had great service there. Maybe they just didn't want the return to be recorded at their store.
  10. It's just not cool...You should have been able to exchange that wallet no matter what after only owning it for 2 days. They could see that on the receipt and should have never been arguing about it with you in the first place. Crappy customer service sometimes encourages me to buy online so I still love the bag and not the crappy service that came with it! Sorry they did that to you!
  11. I had my share of bad service too and it sucks.

    Cheer up...
  12. Thank you for your comforting words!!! It feels so good to just type this.

    LOVE ALL OF YOU ON TPF!!!:heart: you people are the best. Oooh just began to feel love for the pomme zippy..yay
  13. I think that is really awful that LV staff treat customers that way. They have access to the system (if you didn't have a receipt--and maybe you had that with you, too) to see when the wallet was purchased! I don't think you should have to inspect several items just to see which one looks "used"...they should sell you a pristine item!

    But don't let a couple of people ruin LV for you...I had an unfortunate experience sort of connected to an LV visit (not through any fault of the SA, however) and I just tried to think about it in a different way so I can enjoy my LV and not think about the bad part whenever I see that item. :flowers: