Just the rationalization I needed...

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  1. ...to buy a new bag! This morning I went to the doc for my first post-op follow up (had a hip replacement three weeks ago) and they mentioned I should be using a light, cross body bag to distribute weight more evenly than with a shoulder bag. I already have a Sandstone flat messenger, but of course I need a darker bag too. :p Just spoke to Daphne in NY, and a women's Besace GGH in Café is on it's way! She says the leather's gorgeous. Will post pics once I have it. :nuts:
  2. oooh yay! congrats to you - on the new bag and the good dr's appt!
  3. Glad to hear Balenciaga is helping you mend!!! I'm trained in Occupational Therapy and have worked post op with HR patients. Be good to yourself!! Buy them all. haha.
  4. i just got back from an MRI on my spine, wonder if my doc will tell me the same thing at my follow up. My DH would just love it if i were prescribed a flat messenger!
  5. Winona, so you teach them how to get dressed with the grabber thingie and the plastic "sock aid?" :tup: (That sock aid is a lifesaver!!)
  6. Maybe you could write her a script so that she could take a medical deduction. Hehehe!:idea:
  7. OMG, that is so funny~ I went throught the same thing a few months ago when I broke my ankle. The first thing I thought of was, "I need a cross body b-bag for when I am on the crutches". I love how Balenciaga has the different styles. Your new bag sounds yummy!
  8. We don't need doctor's orders to know that Bbags are good for our health, but it never hurts to have a sound medical opinion supporting that :p pseub how fast did you call Bal NY after coming home from that appointment?! Can't wait to see it! And more importantly, hope you have a speedy recovery.
  9. Thanks! I made the call to Daphne as soon as I walked in the door. :shame:
  10. always nice to have a doctor tell you you need a new bag! haha
  11. that is so funny! LOL

    hope your hip is feeling OK! i know some people who have had that done and it seems like a very tough/painful surgery, so i hope you the best :yes:
  12. i have to agree. that is the perfect reason to get a bbag. did the doctor give your a prescription? :graucho:
  13. Heh, I wish!
  14. A new bag is the best therapy money can buy ;) Can't wait to see pictures!
  15. Can't wait to see pictures and great doc's appt!