Just the phone for that diamond Birkin!

  1. India, WOW! That's something!! :smile:
  2. I would love the gold Vertue (sp?) from Harrods!!!
  3. haha this really is something. diamond phone!!

    I would be so paranoid about it though that I don't think I would ever use it. Just imagine...one drop & there goes thousands..

    hahaha for someone as clumsy as me this would never work
  4. ^haha so true lux lover!
  5. Ha! I haven't even splurged on a regular iPhone. Still got my old chunky one. Thank goodness the Birkin's so big!
  6. Thats some bling!!:nogood:
  7. If you are getting the phone, why not get the latest i-book (gold plated with diamonds on the insignia) - the perfect laptop befitting a diamond birkin..

  8. I can't see the phone, but the gold-plated diamond i-book is really over the top. Nope, not for me:nogood:.
  9. Seems sort of wasteful for something that will be replaced in a year.
  10. While I can't imagine spending the money for either the diamond/gold iPhone or iBook, they are Apple products and one does NOT replace them every year. They just don't become obsolete as quickly as Windows-based computers or the average cell phone (which can be junk in 6 months).
  11. The phone doesn't do a thing for me(I struggle with the iphone);but I do like that ibook!!!! My husband just bought the MacBook Air and I thought that was something!