Just the mini square/rectangle

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  1. Hi guys,

    I just want to purchase one Chanel bag in my lifetime. I would like to get it brand new. Does anyone just have the mini rectangle or square and is satisfied? Or did you start there and then buy a medium flap or jumbo? I’ve always wanted a Chanel flap since I was a child but the prices are too out of my reach. Even if I saved the money up I just would not be able to spend it on a bag. I would feel guilt seeing as I can help family out instead. Any tips on how to feel satisfied with a mini version?
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  2. Here! I startet this month with a mini. Same thoughts. I always wanted a medium classic flap in two years (round birthday) but I don’t wanna pay over 4k for a bag whether I can. Plus the price increases in this time the bag is over 5k. I am handbag addict but this price is ridiculous. Karl Lagerfekd died and so I thought I „need NOW“ a Hommage purse lol and bought a mini. Run in store and my sweet SA (first time I meet) wrote me of a reserve/ waitinglist when next season in March19 comes in and I snatched one after just 12 days. I am very happy but I thought ONE is Enough. But honestly I have a second one (small or classic flap) in my eyes for in two years lol. But I think I will buy this preloved. (Never buy preloved before). But my very first Chanel must be also a brand new. This feeling in the store and packaging in stunning.
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    Ah after buying the mini I take my mind: did I the right. should I save more money for a bigger one. But in my current lifetime a mini is more versatile. I have toddlers and need space but a bigger one have more space but also opportunity to scratch it to a wall or something else and it’s not a bag for playground and wear it all the time cause the price and and and .... doesn’t mean the mini is a better purse for playground.(I Baby my bags) ;)
    I would put the children stuff like water and snacks in another Purse. The mini in my eyes is more practical and versatile (for my lifestyle now) It looks good as a every day bag but also for day and night.
    For me the medium or small is to classic at this moment and i think in two years it will fits my lifestyle better and I can wear it without fear. Hope you understand what I mean. My English is not very well. Sorry
  4. Don't buy for the sake of buying and most importantly... don't buy because of social media influence. Buying luxury goods is a high end addiction as much as I wanna disagree.
    Some or many, started small with wallets etc.. ended up with a closet full of Chanels.
    It never ends.
    That being said, Diamonds are Girl's Best Friend.. but now.. Chanel is the BFF of this era.
    If you wanna own something ( new & guiltless ) perhaps, try to go for Caviar as it last longer and consider the classic Wallet on Chain?
    Classic flaps may not work for everyone. Depends on your style and purpose of use.