Just the Cutest Little Coin Purse Evah!

  1. Picked this up in the auctions recently & couldn't resist sharing it --- just soooooh cute! Sort of a cross between a vanity & a spy in a lot of ways. (What is it called - Fendilover :confused1: )


    Card calls it a "monete kiss"...anyways thought I'd share it with you Fendi collectors as one of those cute little gotta-have-it accessories from 2005. There are 2 outer pockets, one on each side, and this nifty mirror with the FF logo on the opposite side that fits into the black sheath.

    Here is a slideshow (click on a photo to stop or expand):


    By the way one of the photos has some Lettuce in it, don't be jealous, I had at least $3.75 left to put in the coin purse after puchasing it....Oh well :push:
  2. This is so cute- congrats on a great accessory
  3. OMG...How cute! I want one :yes:
  4. I love that, it's so cute! Great find, baglady!
  5. EEEK!!!!! It's SO SO CUTE!!!!! You always get the most beautiful items baglady!
  6. Congrats! Sooooooooooo cuuuuuuute!:drinkup:
  7. That is adorable!
  8. How ingenius
  9. That is so cute!
  10. Wow this is just the cutest thing!

    CONGRATS!! :yahoo:
  11. that is darling!! a mini spy! i am soo wanting this--where did you score?
  12. How cute!!! Congrats! How much does it hold? Could we get more pics? :graucho:
  13. What a sweet bag, does look like a vanity a bit. Big congrats
  14. That is one sweet purse! Thanks so much for sharing...I love it when we discover the rarer items!

  15. It's very cute and it is with the vanity collection. I think the name is kiss/vanity coin purse. It's really unique. Just be careful with the mirror. If it's handled to rough;y then the mirror comes off. Just a little inside info!!!! Hahaha:smile: