just talked to my SA about the new line of sidepacks/&other bags..

  1. hey all, i headed into the store quickly yesterday to check out the blue scarf side pack, its kind of small, not in the best quality IMO, but for 150 a pop, and the otehr bags in the blue scarf looked great. however since there are a lot more bags coming in, this week the suede, the leather rivets, and the classic C reversible stripe monograms, she said the chances of another side pack and file pack and other bags will be slowly introduced every 4-6 weeks.

    this means side pack and file bag wise the only two right at this moment is the blue scarf and the signature stripe that IS NOT reversible, just the Big Cs and the stripe around it, sadly not reversed or i would have snatched that up lol. she said however there most probably will be a file pack soon, and if you wanted the bag before it is released in the stores, i think she said or to order it for when it does come in, something like taht, whatever they usually do i imagine, jjust go to the stores itself and look through that big ass book/binder so that way in a couple of weeks you wont have buyer's remorse.

    hope this helps.
  2. oh and also with the side packs, their different sizes, the blue scarf is smaller, and the signature stripe reverse type is a little bit bigger, a better size in my opinion, only thing is i dont really like the big Cs..so i dont know im going to check next week after thursday to find out whats up.
  3. Thanks for the info!