Just Stripes vs. Stripes + Initials

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  1. hey ladies,

    i bought a green st louis pm while honeymooning in paris last month. my experience at the st honore store was fabulous. i'm now considering customization and i'm going back and forth between just stripes and stripes + initials. does anyone have a preference? do you think the stripes look best with something "with them"?

    let me know what you think!
  2. I think on the St. Louis both stripes and initials look fantastic! You should search through some of the threads to see the beautiful bags that are personalized. My bag just has initials and I wish I had also added stripes. I definitely will do both on my next purchase.
  3. yay for green , i dont have mine yet but i am ordering my green st.louis soon .. i agree, i think both the stripes and initials will look better .. i love mine to have both but i dont think i can wait farther more ..lol ! please post modeling pic of your new "baby" ...
  4. I really like both. Neither of my bags are customized, but a good friend has stripes and initials on her white St. Louis and it's amazing!

    The only thing against initials is if you think you might ever want to sell the bag. It will be much easier to resell if there are no initials.