just started weight watchers...

  1. I must admit, Indycat inspired me to join WW so I did on Saturday. I'm doing it on-line since the meetings in my town are in this cheesy hotel off the main freeway :graucho: .

    I went to the message boards on the WW website. They just talk about food and that is the last thing I want to talk about. I also find it rather depressing. So, if there are any ladies or gents out there on WW lets hear from you!

    BTW, I've lost 2 1/2 lbs in 4 days, nothing great but better than nothing. That's about 10 sticks of butter!
  2. Congratulations :smile: I've kind of put WW on hiatus right now, until my mom and I move into our own apartment. We are living with my grandmother right now and she is very set in her ways of cooking, and they absolutely do NOT match the WW way :sad:

    I haven't gained, but I haven't lost either....
  3. Have you tried the WW Boot Camp Board? They talk about all kinds of things there plus you can get hundreds of great websites and recipes. I highly recommend it.

    Weight Watchers Support Network
  4. I just started WW online too. Thanks for all the links LadyFran.
  5. Wow, that's a great accomplishment. good luck. I am a lifetime member for more than a year. I am starting to slip a little, and when I do, I catch a meeting. They always inspire me.

  6. Losing 2 1/2 lbs in 4 days is a very fast rate of weightloss! Congrats! :yahoo:
  7. congrats on starting! i've lost over 40 pounds on weight watchers, it's the best diet out there!
  8. I'm on WW too!! Let's support each other!!
  9. Hey thanks Ladyfran for the links, I will definitely look at those later on tonite. I'm glad to hear that we have some ladies on the WW train, let's keep it going! I think that if we hit an ACCUMULATED goal that we all treat ourselves to a nice purse.

    I don't want to do this by myself, I'm not going to kill myself over this either but if I reach my goal I will be thrilled. I just want to do this without going to meetings and talking about how FAT and depressed everyone is. Even if you just lost 1lb that is something to be happy about, especially if you have a small frame and people make fun of you for that.

    Any more success stories out there? Congrats Coachwife6,JaneAnn and Amanda, thanks for the encouragement. C'mon dianagrace and sora17 we can do it. I'm working for a Balenciaga First or a LV Damier Saleya...or both...
  10. My goal is the LV Mini Monogram Joshepine :graucho: . I really like the ww diet. I've changed the way I'm eating and voila, wait starts coming of like crazy!!! 2.6 KG in 2 weeks :yahoo: .
  11. Go Girls!!!!!!elle-mo the PF is here to support you!
  12. I dont go to the meetings either. What we have done among several of my girlfriends that are also doing WW; we meet at least once a month one evening and take turns hosting and cooking (of course its all WW friendly food). We weigh ourselves and mark in our little goal books. We then each kick in 10 bucks per month, which we use for incentive prizes each quarter. Our last quarter we pooled the money and winner got a spa day. Whoever hosts also supplies the recipes to guests with WW points calculated.

    I literally have thousands of WW friendly recipes, so let me know if anyone is interested.
  13. I started on line with WW ( again) last week! Funny, I am going to treat myself to a new bbag when I have lost ten pounds! I also like the Recipe Review Board, but, I like to cook!
    Let's keep it going!
  14. Another WW member here - I've only lost 3 lbs so far but I've also really starting uping my cardio at the gym - to about 4x a week for 40 minutes or so on the elliptical. I do need to try and cook more, my weak spot is eating out - I'm a single attorney and its hard to make myself cook, also BF likes eating out.