just started selling on my own account and I get a negative

Jun 30, 2006
So, I started selling on my brand new account on my own. I used the local boba place to log into my account and notice somebody has gotten into my account!! thank goodness, I was not out any money and I check it everyday! Anyways, I had auction ending and I asked the winners to pay using a merchant account I already had- EVERYBODY Was so kind and understanding EXCEPT for one (there is always that one) SHE accused me of trying to scam her, that I was lying that I must have not sent items before and my paypal account was in the negative.
SHe went on and on accusing me of lying and I tried explaining to her. So she told me to file a mutual withdrawl because she nolonger trusted me and like the idiot I am , I DID. I should have waited and filed the non paying bidder but she went on and on.
FAst forward. she left me a negative!!! I felt like crying!! The only feedback I have is hers and it says that I am a scammer, and I am threatening her buyers beware, etc. I contacted ebay and they said to get it removed I may need a court order!!
DOes anybody know if there is another way to get it removed?
Ebay is my "job" so having negative feedback really affects my personal life! Now I have auctions ending with no bids and I do not blame them! I wuold not bid on a -1 feedback seller either!!


Daddy's Little Girl
Feb 11, 2008
Dovunque voglia andare
You know what, it sucks, but if that's your ONLY FB, then just open another ID and don't bother with this one. Now if you had been on eBay for years and had established a really good FB rating and someone did this, that's a different story.

Don't fret about this idiot and just create another ID all together and no longer use this one. Don't stress yourself out over this, because this buyer is clearly a jerk.

When those auctions end, just relist them using your NEW ID. Good luck!