Just started Running (ok if you can call it that lol)

  1. don't last very long but it's a start! When did you guys start seeing a change?
  2. Good for you for starting.

    How did you do it? On the treadmill? Jogging around the neighborhood?

    And what are your goals? Trying to loose weight? Shape your body?
  3. Jogging around the neighborhood. Trying to lose weight! Would like to lose 30lbs or so.
  4. It, of course, depends on the quanity of running you're doing,
    but whenever I start doing lots of fitness (50 minutes of cardio, 6 times a week) I notice a change in a week.
    9 times out of 10, I scale back on the exercising (it's hard to keep it up LOL) and my results don't come as quick but they still do come.

    I would say about 2 weeks for you if you also eat very healthy and add some strength training.
  5. Good on you for starting!!! The key is, if you are trying to lose weight, to keep your heart rate up for at least 30 minutes. So if you find it hard to run continuously for now, try running for a couple of minutes and then walking briskly. Continue in this pattern until you've been going at least 30 minutes. Eventually you will find that the periods you can run for become longer, as your fitness increases. Good luck!!!
  6. I've been running of and on for a long time. After I had my second child I wanted to get back into it. I worked out on the eliptical for long periods of time, about an hour. I then found I could run long distances more easily. That was the easiest way I increased my milage. I got up to about 9 miles fairly quickly. I also listened to music when I ran and chose pretty routes outside. This made it easier for me to tune out and just relax. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
  7. My best advice is to take it easy and just jog for as long as you can and walk the rest. If you get more energy you can jog/walk/run alternate until you get to the point where jogging the whole route works for you. Set goals for yourself like "today I will jog for 10 minutes continuously" etc.

    It also helps to have a pedometer to track your progress if you're just running around the neighborhood.

    I also try to stay 'zoned' in on an object when I run. I will run a distance while watching a tree and then when I get to that tree, I will pick a new one, maybe a rock. It makes the distance seem less when you have specific goals of things you're running towards.

    Also, try not to eat anything heavy before you run or you will "feel heavy" lol.
  8. ^^ I do the same - pick an object down the road and say I'll at least go to that...then if I have to stop I will walk fast for a bit, if not I pick a new object. I also found an 'easy' route for those lazy days where it's mostly downhill - not straight down but definitely all a very slight downward slope so I can run the whole thing very easily & then I have to walk up this monstrous steep road to get back. Great workout. I always hate the hill coming back but then I have no choice & it is good exercise.
  9. Running, jogging, brisk walking...it's all great exercise. Shoot for a time or distance goal (be realistic and increase slowly), not necessarily pace - a common mistake is to go too fast and get winded and discouraged. Even if you can only run half a block, keep doing that until you don't feel as winded (slow down or walk if necessary), then increase your goal to 3/4 of the block, etc. Stick with it and you'll be amazed at your progress....just be patient and diligent.
  10. I just wanted to say, good for you! you'll notice the changes immediately---feeling less winded, more tone, more energy. Congrats!!!

    There are some great intro running plans online---starting with running for one minute, walking for one and working your way up to running 30 minutes. Go for it!