just started building my lv collection: whats next?

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  1. So i just received my speedy b30 today and i am already thinking what's next.... Mini pochette or the pochette nm?
  2. Like you I also just started my LV collection and I was going to start off with just the Speedy DE 35 and an Insolite Black MC Wallet to go with it, but it did not end there. Within a week I purchased a few other items and I'm still looking for more. It's an expensive addiction so I try to stick to the preloved market as much as possible, although sometimes for some hard to find pieces I have to go straight to the source. I'm enjoying myself tremendously though:yahoo:
  3. I just started collecting about 6 months ago & I've gotten 8 bags already! 5 brand new & 3 pre loved.... Help! Lol
  4. mini pochette!
  5. Pochette NM. You will get plenty of use out of it.
  6. I like the mini pochette. LV gets addicting in the beginning :smile:
  7. Pochette nm ! holds more . I just love them :smile:
  8. How do you like your speedy 30? I just bought mine and am waiting to receive it. Do you like the size? Too small? I'm worried now that maybe I should have gone a bit bigger. I'm not sure which you should get. I just started buying as well. The Speedy 30 will be my third purchase since December. I also have the Neverfull GM, Cosmetic GM. Super expensive habit but I'm having fun!!!
  9. Congrats on your speedy! What's next...neverfull, alma, wallets, artsy, pochettes, keepall,:biggrin:. But yes... Your choice of a pochettes is a good one to start expanding.
  10. Pochette NM! it is very versatile
  11. It is actually spacious, i thought all my stuff wont fit in there( tablet , cosmetic case, sunglasses, coin purse, wallet ,iphone, chargers ..etc) i am only 5 ft though so thats why i chose the 30 ... But it is a good size...i like it coz i can also use it crossbody ...
  12. Lol...it is indeed very addictive...
  13. Lol
  14. I was actually eyeing on the insolite organizer but i wanna see it first in person ... It might just be too big for me
  15. And also, dont worry coz you can still exchange if you dont like the size...it is free :smile: