Just spotted Nude Patent Yoyos!

  1. hey ladies for anyone interested...

    I just saw these shoes at Saks Phoenix! My SA told me they just got a shipment in and have plenty of sizes!! (I just put a pair on hold until EGC next Saturday!!) :yahoo:

    If you want them call ANNE ROUNDY at 602 955 8000 ext 5350... Shes a sweetie!!!

    (her email is ann_roundy@s5a.com)

    And tell her Valerie sent you!!! :p
  2. how mch are they may I ask?
  3. ^ they should be $540
  4. I can't remember exactly, but I know they were under 600$... 565? 570? maybe? I'd call Anne, she'd be happy to give you the details!:p
  5. Everyone grab them quick because I am sure that they are going to sell out again in 3 days, like they did the last 2 shipments that Saks received.

    Noe - the yoyos recently had a price increase to $570 (or maybe $580 I can't recall). And they are only going to continue to increase. My GF is a buyer for Saks and she told me that all CL shoes are going to see a drastic price increase next season. She mentioned that the yoyos are going to be priced similarly to the prives, in the $700 range.
    If you have seen the new 120mm patent Yoyos that the CL boutiques received recently, they are already priced at $610.
  6. Okay I think I am confused... these aren't the sling back right but the peep toe pump ?

    Do I need to go a half size up?
  7. Noe - the yoyo is a peep toe pump without a platform. This shoe is incredibly sexy, so grab it quick!
    You should probably go up 1/2 a size from your normal size, they run a bit small.
  8. Ahhhh... no wonder. A friend of mine had hers charge sent from Saks Florida over a week ago, I believe, and she was charged $570 already.
  9. whats the heel height?
  10. OMG guess what I got them!!! however she said they are $595
  11. Congrats you are going to love them. That shoe is truly fabulous and you will get so much wear out of it.

    Wow! Already $595, just 2 days ago when I was at Saks they were still $570.
    I guess that's better than the $700 they will be in just a few months.
  12. CONGRATS Noegirl!!! I cant wait to see them!!
  13. bslvuton
    This sucks. I want to call your SA, but because it's the weekend, my husband is home in the next room. So, would you mind confirming her email address? Does it have an underscore between her first and last names? Thank you so much.
  14. Noegirl....the sku # for the yoyo nude patent 110m CL's is 452569424474. Call any Saks and have them look up the price with that sku. I was charged $540 at NYC's Saks on 11/07/07.
  15. Ok I did not want the decollte in nude patent but I do like the yo yo's I am going on line to refresh my memory. You said go a half size up. Do you go a half size from US? How do they fit as compared to simples??? Sorry, We are giving you quite the work out today!!! You are a doll!! Group hug!!!!