Just spoke with BalNY..........Clutch info.......

  1. I just spoke with Daphne and she gave me the list of what they've ordered in the following Clutches (as of now). From our conversation, I believe the quantities are limited.

    Quilted Clutch $945 (they don't have the dimensions yet)


    Grape, Black, Sienna are available

    Giant Clutch w/ Wristlet (also referred to as Flat Clutch


    Grape w/ Gold GH
    Cinnamon w/ Gold GH
    Tomato w/ Gold GH
    Steel w/ Silver GH
    Ocean w/ Silver GH
    Pine w/ Silver GH

    New GH Flap Clutch


    Silver GH

    All colors except Grape and Marigold

    Gold GH

    All colors except Sienna, Pine & Marigold

    Have fun choosing. :yahoo:
  2. Thanks for the info Cracker! Do u know how much the quilted clutch is? TIA!!!!
  3. wow! the new flap clutch is cute!!!

    thanks for the info :yes:
  4. Thanks for reminding me........$945
  5. cracker!!! thanks for the info:smile:

    i cant get hold of kim:crybaby: some condenscing SA answered and it ruined my day!:cursing: :cursing: :cursing:

    can you pls ask her about this violet clutch with moon lock? will they have this in tomato or grape....and the price pls:crybaby:

    appreciate it tons!:heart:
  6. I'll try. Daphne is supposed to call me back about another order but she's making her round of calls right now, so I don't know when she'll get back to me.
  7. thanks!:smile:

    appreciate it tons!

    i really really like this clutch!:yes: ...i might let go of my lilac oval
  8. So no marigold flap clutch at all????

  9. That's what I've been told. Daphne thought it was bizarre as well. Maybe they'll place another order down the road. But this was the list she read off to me. I was surprised to see no Grape with Silver only Gold GH. And the Tomato wasn't offered in Silver with the Giant Clutch only the Flap Clutch so that's what I'm getting instead.
  10. Great work Cracker! Thank you! What are you going to get?
  11. I really like that flap clutch - do you know the price and if it is available in RH. They are all soooooooooo beautiful but that one is my favorite. Thanks for all the great information, Cracker!!!!!

  12. I'm down for the Tomato Flap Clutch with Silver GH, Grape Med. Matelasse and Marigold RH City.......and I am psyched! :yahoo:

    What are going to get? Are you thinking about anymore colors other than the Violet City?

  13. Just GH and I didn't ask the price. Funny how Bbags will do that to you............I'd imagine it's probably around the same as the Giant Clutch which is $795 maybe a little more.
  14. I bet the Rouge with Silver GH is going to HOT! I like the flap clutch better than the flat clutch! Thanks for the info. cracker!
  15. Thanks so much, Cracker!!!

    After seeing karen's pics, now I'm thinking about either wristlet one or flap.....and don't even know which color to get!

    Did Daphne tell you anything about Traveller? Does the style come in SGH??