Just spoke w/ Daphne re: the new colors

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  1. and she said they will be here at the end of Dec beginning of Jan..she did mention the shipment that everyone was talking about (big hardware bags) but I thought the other ones were here too..bummer.
  2. Thanks for the update sagranch. I don't care for the big hardware at all.
  3. ^^ me neither, it's a bit OTT :P
  4. The end of this month seems so far away !! :crybaby:
    Thks for the update !
  5. I know you're all bummed, but January is actually good news for me. I'm on a ban until March but I REALLY want a French blue city and am hoping I'll still be able to find one when my ban is over:shame:
  6. ya, Me no likey the big hardware either.
  7. hmm, on page 2 of powderpuff's thread she has a pic of a vermillion city with regular hardware :confused1:
  8. I know..I am confused but oh well, it is what it is!!
  9. :yucky:
    Ditto for me as well!!! No big hardware for me!!!
  10. There are some with regular hardware. They were still opening boxes at 5PM. I posted pics of one with regular hardware. Now what other colors they got in with regular, I don't know. Daphne lost a friend in a car accident and my Mom refused to call her again, and I didn't feel right doing it either. Some of you NY girls need to go over there and give us the scoop. Take your cameras too. :graucho:
  11. update: They received a very few that were not giants. Vermillion, white, black. HOWEVER, latest email said this:

    Apparently there is another delivery at the warehouse, so there will
    be more coming soon. :yahoo:
  12. Thanks PowerPuff..you are awesome. How terribly sad about Daphne's friend, I got chills when I read that.
  13. That is very sad... she is very sweet, and very kind in providing photos and info. today.
  14. ugly hardware, for me looks cheap.
  15. Wow I'm dying to see the new colors and the giant hardware...I suspect they'll grow on me with time...a long time....