Just spoke w/ BalNY

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  1. They just got in the new style Giant Hobo in white only at this time. Just an FYI!
  2. so cool! Does anyone know the size or dimensions of the new hobo?
  3. Fendi Hunter told me it was 12 1/2 L x 16 1/2 W X flat depth w/ a 12" drop. Balny hadn't measured it yet so they weren't sure themselves.
  4. shushopn, were you able to ask how much it is?
  5. I'm sorry monsoon I didn't ask...I guess that would have been a good question! Duh! I think I remember it being around 1100 or 1200 from another time.
  6. Thanks for posting this. I need to give them a call. I'm waiting for sandstone so maybe it will be any day. :yahoo: I am wondering if it might be prettier in Natural. I'm saving this one for special occaisions, business meetings, etc. so a light color will be no problem.