Just spoke to a confused SA and I could use some help...

  1. Hi, I just called Barney's Beverly Hills to see if they had any ink first bags. The SA, named Miriam, said they had an ink twiggy. So I asked if they had any firsts, and she said the twiggy and the first are the same. I said they were different styles, but she insisted they were the same. So I asked the price and she said $995, which makes me think it is in fact a first. I want to call back and confirm it's a first, but I'm not really sure what to ask her to make sure? She put it on hold for me, so I'm not sure if I can ask for a different sales associate? Anyway, I'm definitely a newbie so I could use any advice! Thanks!
  2. Check out ateliernaff.com and it will show you style numbers for all the bags. Then call her back and ask her to read off the style number so you can make sure it's the style you want. I hope this helps!
  3. most of SA's in Bal auth resellers are clueless in colors and styles. i was at the Barneys BH last saturday and checked out a non-moto bag. I asked her for style name of the bag im looking at...coz there is none at the tag only numbers....she want to the system and check...she got the bag name for me.

    why dont you call her....and specifically asked her to double check in the system if shes holding the Ink in First not Twiggy.

    politely inform her that twiggy and first are definitely not the same. i dont see any twiggy's there. lots of first thou hanging in a rack.
  4. I talked to them yesterday. I was told there was no ink twiggy left, only an ink box.
  5. Thank so much! I called back and spoke to a much more informed SA who's sending me an ink first! I'm so excited!:yahoo:
  6. YEAH! CONGRATS and I can't wait to see your Ink. I love mine and I know you will love yours, too!
  7. Congrats on getting a Ink First . cant wait to see pics
  8. good for you for calling back! Barneys and other resellers are totally clueless, about color, names, etc.

    can't wait to see pics of your first - love the ink! :yes:
  9. Calling back is good tactic to take if you initially talk to and SA that is less than helpful. I'm glad to hear you found what you wanted.