Just Spent More on a Purse Than I Ever Have... Make Me Feel Better!

  1. Maybe this is just temporary buyer's remorse from having to deal with paypal... but I just won a beautiful pepper EPI Pont Neuf on eBay at a decent price ($600). I feel so guilty, though, because I've never spent this much on a purse. Yes, I have a lot of purses that are "worth" more than that.... but I got them for a REALLY good deal; so the most I've spent on a particular purse is $280. Yes, I am a lawyer, but... I know I should be saving my money, so I can buy even MORE LV purses later. Did I make the right decision? I suppose I can eat out less this month... or should I sell it once I finally get it in the mail? I'm so unsure...

    If it helps, here are a couple of pics from the auction:


    I love the purse, and I told myself last week when I first saw it go up "WOW I must have this purse, I don't care if I have to pay $800 for it" (knowing that even that would be a good price), but... I still feel somewhat guilty.

  2. The bag looks like it's in great condition. If you really love they style then keep it and use it! I know what you mean about spending so much on a used bag...feels weird...and I regret recently not bidding on a bag that I really wanted!

    See how you feel once you get it. If you get that same WOW feeling then keep it.
  3. If you don't love it once you get it, sell it. It's really pretty!
  4. Well, you could have saved the money for another LV handbag, but if you're going to buy LV then you have to make a start somewhere, and you have. Congratulations!! It's a lovely bag. And now you'll get to enjoy having a classic handbag that will get compliments wherever it goes, and you'll get to appreciate the unbeatable quality of LV workmanship, and of epi leather, the feel of it, the way it goes on and on looking good ... and if by some rare chance you find you haven't been bitten by the LV bug, or the epi bug, then you can always resell it. You can't lose!
  5. i think this pepper pont neuf will be with you forever since it's such a classic shape + color. plus, you don't see this everyday on the arms of women everywhere in LA. i know it's a bit of a sticker shock compared to what you're used to paying for handbags but it looks like new and you're getting something that's discontinued as well so you can't really buy it in stores anywhere.

    i would get it in the mail first and use it for a few days and see. i bet you will get tons of compliments and fall in LVoe like the rest of us!
  6. I think that rather than dwell on the concept of spending that amount, you should focus on the fact that you are such a good consumer, never paying more for something when you can seek it out for less. Enjoy -- it is a beautiful bag that will never be dated. It is a quality, life-long piece and you will have the peace in knowing you didn't pay "retail".
  7. ^ITA
    Care for them well and they will last 10 years easily. If you get tired of them, they hold value and can be resold.

    BTW, pepper is d/c and this one looks to be in excellent shape. Try it on when you get it, then decide.
  8. It's money well spent for a purse that will last a lifetime and then some. You can put this purse in your will for your children. :smile:
  9. Don't worry!! It's worth every penny! :yes:

    Enjoy your new pretty bag!
  10. money well spent!!!
    just think, its such a classy piece. i always say to friends and my bf, "its an investment"
  11. Hang out with it a while & see if the guilt wears off and enjoyment sets in. If you can't get past the price, then part with it & enjoy the cash you get to keep. Either way, you win!
  12. It's hard at first....you have to tell yourself your worth it!!!!!!!! Your new bag is sooooo sharp!!!!:drool:
  13. It's so pretty! How can you NOT feel good? ;)
  14. That bag is gorgeous!:tup: In no time you will be wanting another!:yes: You'll also find yourself willing to spend twice as much! :graucho:Congrats!
  15. I'm sure you work hard enough to have earned some nice things. I have a personal rule that my bag collection never values more than $XX amount. I would feel guilty if my bag collection exceded my set amount. If I want a really expensive bag, my collection gets smaller.