just some things i wanted to say

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I've always wanted to own a beautifull designer bag. When I discovered this forum I read several threads but after a few days I only clicked on the "louis Vuitton forum". So now i'm saving for my first LV. I'm a school teacher that graduated a year ago and because there are too many teachers I don't have a job this year. And that obviously makes the savings go a looot slower :smile:

    A month ago they called me to replace a pregnant teacher for a couple off months. It was very very hard, and stil is. I had to start in the middle of the year in a school I don't know, with colleagues I don't know and with children I don't know!

    The first thing I thought then and think when I'm having a hard time is: "this money is going to my LV saving funds, lol". I allowed myself to go 30 minutes on this forum whenever i needed a break from working at night and looked at all your beautifull goodies :drool:

    So now it's finally time to get to the point: :graucho: Two weeks from now my mom and I will go to the LV store in Lille (France) to do a little shopping. I would really really like to have a speedy damier azur! Now I'm worried: will they be there in store or will i have to wait for one? Should we call? make a reservation? I would be sooo mad when we finally get there and I can't get my hands on one! :hysteric:

    Anyway... sorry for the long and pointless post, just wanted to say I love this place and admire all your beautifull pieces!
  2. Thank you and WELCOME to TPF.. You will love it here. I can't answer your questions on your speedy other than to say I am happy for you and please post a picture when you get it....:flowers:
  3. HI, welcome to LV forum.
    Speedy Azur is pretty. It's no harm to give the store you want to go to a call incase it's not in stock.

    Good luck with it and please post the pictures if you get it
  4. :yes: I can't wait to be the one to show off my new goodies here !:wlae:
  5. I'm glad LV and tPF kept you happy during the difficutl year.:flowers:
    And congrats on your first LV! YAY!:yahoo:
    I would call and see if they have one in stock, if not, see if they can get one for you!
    Good luck!
  6. I hope You will get it. Try and call them, lol
  7. Congrats on being able to get your first LV! :yahoo:
  8. so happy for you!
    I'm sure you'll love your first LV
  9. Welcome!!!
  10. I'd call the store first to see if they have the Azur Speedy before making the trip down, just to save time if they don't have it.
  11. First of all, congratulations on being a teacher! That is one of the toughest jobs ever (I did it for awhile and was not good at it). That's an accomplishment, saving slowly for something you love. Call before you go to find out what they have. Then you won't be so disappointed if it's not there. But you may find some other LV that you love. And we will love seeing your pictures!! Good luck!:yes:
  12. Welcome to TPF!! I hope you will love being a member as much as I do!! :smile:

    I would definately call ahead and have them hold the bag that you want...there is nothing worse than making a special trip to get something and they don't have it:sad:

    I can't WAIT to see pics of your new bag!! :smile:

    Early congrats!
  13. Welcome & Congratulations!

    I would definitely call ahead before to find out what is available in the boutique. Then you will not feel disappointed because your heart is set on one item. Perhaps you will find other beautiful LVs for your consideration. Hope you have a good time shopping with your mom.

    Please post pictures of your goodies!:yes: