Just some random people with gorgeous MJ bags!

  1. I spent most of my online time during my Thanksgiving break from work looking for celeb pictures with designer handbags to post on the forum. In the process I also came across some gorgeous bags carried by non-celebs. The bags are gorgeous so I saved the pics to my computer. Don't know why I saved them - I guess I just love seeing MJ bags on random people! Here they are...hope you enjoy them too.

    1st pic: Stella - someone with Jennifer Garner
    2nd pic: Venetia - someone with Mandy Moore
    3rd pic: gorgeous quilted Blake in Black
    4th pic: gorgeous Gold quilted Venetia
    stella1.JPG venetia1.JPG quilted1.JPG venetia2.JPG
  2. Thanks for sharing.. that quilted blake is gorgeous! I think I've been at the place where the picture is taken from... It looks like the billion dollar babes sale in HW.
  3. Thithi, I think you're right! That rings a bell from the searches I was doing!! Good eye!:yes:
  4. Found a few more of random pics...just love to see MJ bags no matter who they're on. :yes:

    1st pic - some magazine editor w/ Stam
    2nd & 3rd pic - someone with Sienna Miller and a Lavender Selma Tote
    stam1.JPG selma tote.JPG selma tote2.JPG
  5. Those are great pics! I love seeing MJs on normal people and not just celebs. I especially love seeing them IRL on people! It's like, hey maybe they feel my passion!

    Thanks for posting!
  6. i want the gold quilted venetia!!!:hysteric:
  7. I think that's a taupe stam!
  8. Great thread!
  9. Bumping thread with a few new pics I found:

    On right side of pic - a girl w/ MbMJ turlock bowler (Sorry if that's not the official style name; I'm not sure!) These girls are at some sort of event for Lacoste with special guest Sophia Bush (in yellow shirt)


    A peek at the Banana Hobo:


    Someone with Mischa Barton carrying an Ursula Bowler:


    Back of Venetia:

    turnlock.JPG banana hobo.JPG ursula bowler.JPG venetia3.JPG
  10. Forgot one!

  11. Nice pictures!! The lavendar tote looks so gorgeous!!:heart::heart:
  12. Too funny, i know the publicist with the Venetia :smile:
  13. i agree, it's great seeing pix of mj bags on non celebs! thx for sharing!
  14. Small World!! She's not going to get mad that I posted her picture, is she? :s
  15. Seriously...seeing the Venetia on ppl make me feel like i NEED one!