Just sold my first item!!

  1. I just sold my first item!! It's not the bag that I've been asking [lots of] questions about, there's still a few days left for that one.

    I got this item for $30, and it sold for 19.99 + $10 shipping. I wasn't expecting it to go for that low! But it's okay! I've been having a lot of fun on eBay. So I basically lost the listing fee, the final value fee, I'm planning to keep the money in my paypal account, so I wont lose any there.

    But..now what I do? Just wait for the buyer to contact/pay me? Do I send a receipt?
  2. I usually wait about 6 to 8 hours and if the buyer hasn't paid, I then send the invoice with a nice note attached.
  3. Thanks for the reply! The buyer paid, I'm going to ship out today. I'm upgrading it to overnight shipping for free. =) I'm in such a good mood!
  4. I find that free upgrades in shipping makes buyers feel like they are getting a TON (when really, not that much). That is a good tactic that I like to use.

    And I must be doing something right, I have 100% with no withdrawn feedback!
  5. Lol, Can you sell stuff to me? I've never had such a nice seller . . . . upgrading to overnight because your happy?
  6. HAHA. Too happy huh? I didn't even make a buck from this item! I actually lost money! Whats wrong with me!
  7. lol I know just how you feel! I don't know why selling an item on eBay makes me so happy even if I'm still not actually making anything with all those fees and other nonsense....actually I'm happy to even just see the bidding prices go up!
  8. If I had been that buyer you would now be my favorite seller! Congrats on your first sale.

  9. THANKS!

    I won't be THIS happy if my Gucci doesn't sell for a decent price. And they can forget about the free overnight shipping upgrade, PSH! :p
  10. Congratulations! I hope your niceness brings you good luck in bigger auctions.
  11. Congrats!! I remember that high from selling my first (and only) item. Good for you, may all of your transactions go this smoothly :drinkup:
  12. Congrats. There is no harm in sending an invoice right away. Most sellers seem to do that. Its a nice way to confirm the transaction.
  13. Congrat GC!That is *bay used to be about, having some fun while selling your "junk".
    Happy for you.:tup: