just so you know...

  1. ebay and alcohol and money that's burning a hole in your wallet DON'T MIX!!!

    i think i might have done some drunk bidding last night...cause i am quite close to winning *9* pairs of coach shoes, amongst other things.
    oh lord.
    at least i got the sizes right...and they're all wicked cute. :graucho:
  2. oooh, you can cancel bids on ebay! I mean, if you're up for 9 new pairs of shoes, go for it, if not though go to the "help" section and search "cancel bid."
  3. LOL! Both a blessing and a curse right?
  4. but doesn't cancelling bids show up somewhere on your feedback? i need a good fb record for whenever i get to apply for the mp here. :smile:

    the shoes are all insanely cute...but at well over $1000...they better not get ruined!
  5. You are going to have one hot shoe collection! Haha. Maybe you'll get outbid on some.
  6. i've already paid for 2 of them...only 7 to go!
  7. Go Kalli go!!
  8. Wow!!! You can retract your bid, it just shows up on your feedback.
  9. Better than drunk dialing, no? At least you come out looking good with this one :biggrin:
  10. ^^LOL so true.
  11. OMG lady that is insane - I love it!!
    Post pics when you get them all, and hide your PC from yourself next time you are going to drink!! :roflmfao:
  12. Actually you can be BANNED from ebay for too many bid retractions. There are reasons and entering lets say 99.99 instead of 9.99 is one. I have personally had 2 people banned because their profiles showed they did this often, would bid on many items and then cancel if they won it cheaper or ran out of money.
  13. haha. i've done my fair share of that, as well!
    and you're right, at least i have someone good to show for it...rather than some rather interesting voicemails i've left my friends before when drunk...(apparently i am MUCH nicer when intoxicated and love EVERYBODY!)
  14. OMG - LOL!!!!!! Too funny!!!!!!!! Would love to see pics of these shoes!!!!!!!!
  15. Wow, you can get banned for retractions? I wouldn't have recommended it if I had known! I have retracted a bid before because I made a genuine error, but that's it.