Just so we're clear....DE totally safe from rain?

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  1. I ask because I tend to be kinda nutty with my bags aka:overprotective. Recently I've been trying to "relax" a bit and enjoy my bags. It's been rainy here lately and I was planning to use my bloomie and hubby freaked! He said "not in the rain!!"

    I thought that was the whole POINT of getting a DE purse- so I don't have to worry about pesky things like rain... Am I right?;)
  2. You are correct. DE can be worn in any weather. :smile:
  3. Thank you! I knew I was right! (And he says I'M paranoid?? :blah:)
  4. Yup, I took my DE speedy and let my sister wear my bloomsbury in the pouring down rain and it was fine. :rain: I did immediately wiped the bags down with a towel when I got in the car. Honestly I wouldn't make a habit of it, my only concern is premature wear on the hardware because of the rain water.
  5. Good point. :faint:

  6. I wear my DEs all the time, if it wasn't for DE canvas I would not be able to enjoy LV in Seattle - the city known for its rain :smile:
  7. I wear my DE ALWAYS!! love that pattern!👍
  8. I took it out in the rain. Well- drizzle. Freaked out a bit, then got over it ;)
  9. Awww, how sweet of your hubby to *protect* you AND your purse! Yes, DE is fine out in the rain. I sometimes carry an Envirosax (thin nylon recycle bag) just in case it downpours...
  10. I know the canvas and the leather should be fine when is a little wet. What about the hardware? Will they furnish when is wet?
  11. Well just wipe off water from the hardware as soon as you are home..if you let the water dry by itself that would cause discolouration...
  12. Oh- sooo good to hear that!
  13. I must carry one around- great idea. "SAVE the bag!!!!"
  14. +1, same is true for Portland…. :rain: