Just so cute!

  1. So after debating on the pouchette and mini pouchette, I saw this cute little number on ebay...it came in the mail today, and it is so darn cute! It reminds me of my Papillon 26 that I recently sold. It is in great condition and it fits nicely in my Manhattan PM!

  2. Oh very cute!!! :yes:
  3. That's the "free" baby that comes with the papillon 30. It's really cute!!
  4. I know, lol, but I did not want to pay the money for the Pap 30 in order to get it!
  5. aw, that's very cute. enjoy!
  6. Very cute! I fell in love with that when I was looking at the pap 30 :smile:
  7. Cute little bag, I really like all of the "babies" LV makes.
  8. Aww.. so cute !
  9. They do sell them separately from the Pap 30 now, but they are really overpriced. It's probably better that you got one on eBay.

    Well, they may be expensive, but they are sooo cute!
  10. That is just so cute:heart:
  11. Aww, it's so cute! Congrats.
  12. Soooo Cute! Congrats.
  13. That's adorable...the perfect size/shape for a makeup bag.
  14. Very cute! I've been looking for a cute little LV to take out at night time.
  15. cuteeeee