just snagged a Chelsea!

  1. I am excited -- I just bought a Chelsea on eBay -- I really feel good about it -- the seller was a doll, so responsive, so informative, and gave really complete and thorough answers to my questions. She hasn't been on eBay very long, but she had excellent feedback. And she did offer a guarantee on authenticity, so I figured it was safe.

    here it is:

    ok, so that makes 3 LVs w/i one month's time: I have learned so much from this site, but it's really dangerous for the bank account! I am done for awhile! :smile:
  2. Congrats! I own the Chelsea as well and I love it!
  3. LV is very addicting!! Congrats on the Chelsea, it's a great tote.
  4. Grats! I'm happy for you! I'm sure you'll just :love: it!
  5. What a good deal. I think that Chelsea must be the orignal one which has been sold out for a long time. Mine is bought off Elux and has the red canvas lining. This bag is very versatile and very functional. Congrat!:lol:
  6. I must be a complete idiot- why have I never heard of this model before? It's gorgeous though!
  7. Congrats as well - great choice! I was about to say the same thing because mine has red lining as well. Did the original have the brown lining? Enjoy!
  8. Congrats ! Great choice ! :biggrin:
  9. yes, the seller said the date code is AS0977, so it is an older model. i'm so happy to hear that others who have the Chelsea are enjoying it. I am going to use it for a work tote and travel tote.
  10. Congratulations. Looks like you got a great deal, a good 50% off retail and a bag in great condition.

    Yes, the older bags have the brown lining. Mine is an older one too, but the bag really holds up well as both a purse and a carry on. If you want to use it as a purse, I would recommend a purseket or something else to organize the interior because it is a good size.
  11. that Chelsea looks divine...
  12. That's the exact reason I bought it..for a work/travel tote. It's so light too since it's lined in canvas!:P
  13. wow- I LIKE that bag ALOT-so pretty..Never seen it before-CONGRATS-good buy!
  14. Chelsea is the perfect travel tote! Congrats on a great deal!
  15. the chelsea looks great! congratulations!

    I would soon be looking for a travel tote too! does LV make any other travel tote similar (maybe a little smaller) to this as well?
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